How do you pronounce 'envelope'?

I was just watching a video and the host said “envelope” (as in something you stick a letter in). She pronounced it, like it’s spelled, ENvelope. I realized that I don’t say it that way, I say AHnvelope.

Well I was trying to make this a poll but can’t seem to figure it out.

I’m with you, the other way sounds weird.

On-velope. It’s from the French, Like “encore”.

En for me, which is the most common in the UK I believe, but On is also prevalent.

I still chuckle about the time someone at work asked if there were any more ‘empty letters’ - she had temporarily forgotten the word.

En, like Enterprise. The other way sounds affected, like someone’s pretending to be French. (Or Frahnch.)

I say EN-velope.

Do youse “ON-velope” people say the word envelop as “on-VEL-up?”

I pronounce it “ON-vəll-lope,” but “envelop” is “en-VELL-up.” Lifelong Midwesterner, for what it’s worth.

This is the same for me. Two different pronunciations depending on the meaning of the word.

I pronounce it “En-velope”

This. Also a guy from the Midwest.


Every other way is wrong.

It’s pronounced the way your video host pronounced it. Look at it this way, the word can also be used this way: The criminal was enveloped by the results of his deeds. You wouldn’t say that the criminal was AHnveloped, would you?

En for me, grew up in Virginia.

I worked with a CNC programmer that always referred to “pro-grums”. I never heard him refer to himself as a “pro-grummer”.

en-VEL-up, of course.

On-velope. But there is still the question of how you say ‘on’. Does it rhyme with ‘dawn’ or with ‘don’? Or do you pronounce those both the same? If you do I can’t think of how to differentiate them at the moment without using those funny characters that represent sounds.

Both ‘dawn’ and ‘don’ are pronounced the same for me as is the first sound in ‘envelope’. FTR I live in western Canada.

OK, but honestly, the judgement of pronunciations should not be left to those who pronounce about the way Canadians do.
a :boot:

I’ve only heard ‘about’ pronounced ‘aboot’ when Canadians are joking about it, or Americans think it’s real. Oh and in the movie Fargo.

Trailer park boys, too. But I was only joking around.
(I’m Chicago-ish, and occasionally catch myself saying Da. As in put it in da car. I’m a little ashamed every time I catch myself.)