How do you pronounce "Sherbet"?

Is it “SHURE-bet”, “SHURE-bert” or “SOR-bay”?

I use sher-bert. But I suppose “sher-bet” is also appropriate. Tomato tuhmato I suppose.

Sherbert as in “Ernie do you know where my pants are?”, “Sure, Bert!”

I used to say Sher-Bert but I’m training myself to say Sherbet.

Sorbet is SOR-bay to me.

“Sherbet” is “SURE-bit.”
“Sherbert” is “SURE-bert.”
“Sorbet” is “sor-BAY.”

To be honest, while I’ve only seen the “sherbet” spelling on packages of the stuff, I have only heard people refer to it as “SURE-bert.”

Sher-bet. (Not “shure” which I would pronounce as “shoor.”)

Sher-bert is a error based on confusion with the name Herbert (IMHO).

Sor-bay is how you pronounce sorbet, which is originally a French word, and is apparently similar to, but not exactly the same as, sherbet.

Sher-bert. Heck, we even spelled it that way. As in: Dad used to make some great pineapple sherbert in the freezer with canned pineapple and buttermilk. It probably wasn’t “real sorbet”, but it was sure yummy. If it’s good, I’ll pronounce it any way you want.

Shirr bet.

I’ve always said “sure bert”.

This, except my training period is over.


Or at least that’s how I pronounced it when I was 4 years old. :stuck_out_tongue:

sore bay


(just kidding. I like cherbeart just fine, but if you’re a kid and someone hands you a dish of tschertbeirt, it just doesn’t cut it.)

When I was growing up, my dad sometimes said, “Shoot the sherbert to me, Herbert!” I have no memory whatsover of the context for that remark. However, as a result, I grew up calling it “SHURE-bert.”

I now call it “SHURE-bit.” (The vowel sound in the last syllable should be a schwa.)

I realized, shortly after posting this, that I could just go to and hear it pronounced “SHUR-bit”. So I asked a mod to move this to IMHO where you can all be wrong in peace. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought this was a poll, not what is correct.

Underlining mine: agree.

I think “Sher bert” is a brain fart of sorts, though I couldn’t say it’s related to Herbert. I hail from Illinois where we used to “warsh” our clothes.

Toy boat toy boat toy boat…try saying that aloud. Carry over and commingle the sounds?

SHER bit is how I’d pronounce it.

I pronounce it the right way (i.e., shure-bet). You see, the word “sherbet” only has one R in it. Therefore, I pronounce it with one R.


Sorbet (sorBAY) is something different.