How do you pronounce the last name: Fuchs?

The title says it all.
I really don’t want to say it the wrong way.
Googling my question shows 4 ways to pronounce it but the site does not indicate which version is more commonly used.
I want to be professional and not just call them by their first name. (In the past, I have been very straight-forward and said at the beginning of the conversation: “I’m really not sure how to pronounce your last name”)
Dopers help me out!

The family I knew pronounced it fyoo-khs (“kh” is an aspirated “h” sound like the “ch” in Achtung!)

Most of their children changed their name to “Fox” which is what “Fuchs” means.

My friend Dan Fuchs pronounces it Fyooks as well.


Click for German pronunciation. It differs from how the people I knew pronounced it. They pronounced the vowel as “yoo” whereas the German speaker pronounces it as “oo.”

A family I know pronounces it Fewsh. The father is German-born, so I suspect he was called that over here and went with it for convenience.

Good time for this story:

The family I knew with that name pronounced it fox.

I’d be concerned someone would see the spelling, mishear the pronunciation and start calling me Fucks. :smiley:

Similarly you get Koch, which is often pronounced Cook, and Schumacher, sometimes pronounced Shoemaker. Wall Street banker John Gutfreund pronounces it Goodfriend.

All the above are straight translations from German - only the pronunciation changes.

My dear cousin married a dude named Fuchs, and his family pronounces it “Fox.”

I’ve always heard it as “fyooks” but “fox” wouldn’t seem strange to me.

I asked my mom how it was pronounced when I was at my high school graduation. She said “fyooks” (rhymes with “pukes”). This was right after my poor classmate who was up on the podium reading out names called for our fellow student Ms. Fuchs. Apparently he didn’t know not to rhyme it with “ducks,” and had the disadvantage of not having his mom next to him.

I have two friends with this last name. One pronounces it “Fyooks”, and the other “Fooks” (rhyming with “books”).

I have two different friends with the last name Koch. One says Cook the other says Coke… :smack:

I would say “fyooks”, based on a girl I went to school with.

The people I knew pronounced it simply as fox. I suppose that was the best solution for them.

This thread reminds me of this village whose name rhymes with booking.

I guess I will have to stay with my standard statement “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to properly say your last name.” That’s what I said to the gentleman whose last name had 18 letters in it. (when he signed his name, he only used the first 6 letters.)

I work with a man named Fuchs, he pronounces it “fyooks”.

I’ve heard it pronounced as rhyming with ‘books’ but really, it just comes across as a someone with a foreign accent saying ‘fucks’.

Fyooks (rhymes with pukes).