How do you pronounce the name Sanasaryan?

It is an Indian name, I believe. I think “sah-NAH-sah-rye-an.” Sound right?

As a boring, white American who has no clue, I’d guess stress on the third syllable. But that is just a guess.

Hmm. After looking at your response I’m changing my guess to sah-nah-suh-RYE-an. Need by tomorrow. Hopefully someone who knows more than we do will weigh in.

I would assume it was Armenian, and pronounce it “sah-na-SARE-ian”

I’d go sah-nah-SAH-ree-an.

AFAIK, “Aryans” is either Hindi or Sanskrit for “noble ones”.

I’d go with “sah-NAHSS-air-ee-yuns”

It’s definitely Armenian, spelled Սանասարյան. The pronunciation rules indicate that the last syllable would be stressed, as it doesn’t contain a schwa. Further reading also indicates that the a is an ah sound, and the y is a consonant. So sahn-nah-sahr-YAHN, or [sɑnɑsɑrˈjɑn].

(I used r when technically it’s a flipped r, but I don’t expect people to use those in English. And I follow the general English guide of using [r] instead of [ɹ])

Names ending in -ian or -yan are generally Armenian, just a helpful hint when seeing these names and attempting to identify them.

Thank you!