How do you pronounce this Spanish(?) name?

One of the pitchers for the Indians has the name “Danys Baez”.

Today during the game, the announcer called him “Danny.” On ESPN, they called him “Dannys” and one guy called him “Dennis.”

Does anyone know a person with this name? How do they pronounce it? Also, is there a “latino” way of saying it vs. an “English” way of saying it (Like “me-he-co” and “mex-i-co”)?

I’m not exactly a pro at phoenetical spelling, but I’ll have a wack at it:

It should be pronounced as "Dahnees (short s) Baiyez (best way to spell it, but y should be nearly unrecognizable when pronounced). The a in Danys is halfway between a in “bat” and o in “Don”. Y is pronounced like i is in spanish, like ee but quite abreviated. Bai in Baez is pronounced just like “buy”, and “ez” in Baez is fairly self explanitory.