How do you pronounce Z

I know that in Canada it’s Zed

In the US it’s said as Zee

How do you say it and where are you from?

US - Zee

Sometimes we even pronouce ‘X’ with a ‘Ze’ sound as well. Probably not relevent though.

I rhyme

Q R S, T U V
W X, Y and Zee
Now I know my ABCs
Next time wont you sing with me.

It’s pronounced throat warbler mangrove.

You beat me to it! Confound you to the deepest, darkest level of heck!

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I saw the link: How do you pronounce Z
and I was like, “What do you mean – “seven.” How else can you pronounce it?”

I am a USian & therefore pronounce it “zee”.

I am from India. I pronounce it as “Zed” just as every other Indian.

Zee if you’re an O’Murrigan, Zed if you’re speaking English.

I’m outta here!!!

New Zealand - it’s pronounced “zed”. Everyone knows that! :stuck_out_tongue:

I taught math in Swaziland (Peace Corps), and I would say, “Here is Triangle X Y Zee.” And the kids, being in a British Commenwealth nation, would say with delight, “Zeeeeeeee, Madam, what is this Zeeeeeeee?”


Oz = Zed.

I’m from Enzed. It’s also pronounced zed in Pakistan.

UK = zed

I thought it was a thread just for me. :smiley: :smiley:

I am reminded of Wayne’s World - could have been SNL - when Wayne asked Garth “Do they pronounce zztop (saying zee-zee-top) as zed-zed-top in the Uk?”

It’s funny, I learned “british” English at school, but since I am mostly exposed to US media and shows, I’d probably say “zee”. Overall I’d say my pronunciation of words is a mixture between british and american.

Just for kicks, if there was a cola named just ‘Z’, would it be “Zed Pop”, or “Zee Soda”? Discuss.

Raymond Luxury Yacht

Z = Zulu.