How do you quote the quote boxes?

I’ve seen some replies include quotes that were in the post they’re responding to. When I hit the reply button, the quoted parts of the original post are removed. Is there any way to leave them in?
This is obviously not something I want to do on a regular basis, but occasionally, it would be helpful.

Nested quote options were removed from this board. The people that are doing it are doing it manually. People were getting confused, and personally I don’t see a need for them often enough to not do it manually (I had to remove them manually anyway if they were irrelevant).

There is a work-around by using multi-quote if you don’t want to manually add them.

How long ago was quoted text within quoted text removed?

My experience, in 8 months on this board has been quite different:

I use Linux with Firefox almost all the time. Quoted text within quoted text just. doesn’t. work.
And likewise, the multiquote function just. doesn’t. work. I’ve had no success with it at all.
(And for those readers who have noticed my frequent remark that I run by browser with JavaScript disabled: Of course I’ve tried this with JavaScript turned on.)

But when I tried all those same tricks using Windows XP, all these things work fine. At least, last time I tried all this stuff, maybe 6 months ago or so.

I posted questions about it back then, right here on ATMB, and got nothing but bullshit and doubletalk answers. Basically, nobody knew what was going on.

Maybe I’ll try all these things again sometime Real Soon Now. I also recently acquired a laptop Mac that runs both MacOS with Safari, and Windows 7 with IE 8. Might be interesting to try there.

Otherwise, I’ve just always done it the hard way, and only when I really feel I need it. I open a separate window with a plain-old-plain-text editor, and quote the individual desired pieces one at a time, cutting and pasting and composing a complete post in the plain-old-plain-text editor, then finally I copy that into a new SDMB post.

This technology rather resembles the old technique of starting a fire by rubbing two sticks together. But when you’re lost in the forest in a freezing rainstorm and all your matches got wet, you improvise.

I think the reason you got no answers is because you answered yourself right above. Everything works fine for me using Windows. Even nested quotes (which is an annoyance if you don’t need them) works.

I do it manually.

Really? I’ve never been able to figure out how to do that.

I think it has been a couple of years.

vBulletin did not originally have the option. At some point it was added to the software. Various posters who saw it on other boards suggested that we use it as well. Since it was a feature, not a hack, we turned it on. It only lasted a few weeks before the number of times that various posters wound up tripping over dangling tags or accidentally changed the tags so that the wrong poster showed up in the quotes became too irritating for a majority of posters, so it was turned off, again.

As a point of reference, I don’t remember any of this happening. I joined back in late 2010. The ‘experiment’ was probably before that.

Nested quoting was disabled in October 2010.

Pretty sure I remember the nested quote experiment, so it was sometime after I joined, anyway. It was a mess. I figured out at one point how to do it manually, but have forgotten since - must not need it much.

Yeah, it was before you joined. Nested quotes were enabled in July 2010

and discontinued in October 2010.

ETA - Irishman, your link above is broken.

We had nested quotes up until some time in to 2004, when a new vB release eliminated them.

Was the OP asking about nested quotes or just normal quotes? I thought the question was about normal quotes, but it looks like the the thread got immediately sidetracked with a discussion of nested posting.

To quote a previous post, click the Quote button in the lower right corner of a particular post. You will then get a screen with the quoted post in the reply box and you can add your text after it (or before it, as some posters tend to do).

If you want to quote multiple posts, click the "+ button next to the Quote button in each post you want to quote except the last one, then click the Quote button in the last one. The reply box will contain all of the quoted posts in the sequence you added them.

Yes, the OP was asking about nested quotes – That is, when you quote an earlier post that itself contained a quote from some earlier still post. Maybe it wasn’t worded quite clearly. This thread has not gotten sidetracked at all. Post #2 then brought up the problem with multi-quotes, which is a very closely related issue.

Some users, using certain browsers on certain operating systems on certain machines, find that multi-quotes don’t work either.

I wish they’d reenable nested quotes, at least to one more level. Sometimes it really helps context to see what the person you’re quoting quoted. Moreso when people aren’t actually quoting other posts but something they’ve gotten from another source. Multiquote and manually adjusting the tags doesn’t help much then.

Say what?

<QUOTE=Shakes>Since nobody can be bothered to actually answer the OP.<quote=Shakes> Do it like this</QUOTE></QUOTE>

And get this:

Replace <> with

If context is important, you have a reference link to the original. If someone has quoted from another source, they have entered that text, so you can go to their post and copy/paste the text to manually nest the quote.

That’s odd. Don’t know why.

The “quote” button will take the post on which you quote, open the new post edit window, and quote that post. If you stack a bunch of multiquotes, then on the last post hit the regular quote button, it will open the window with all the multiquotes cited.

I prefer to hit the multiquote button on the last post as well, then copy/paste the “new post” link to the next tab to open the reply window. YMMV.

Personally, I don’t think the occasion happens often enough to have them on by default. It’s a minor PITA to remove them when not needed (making me use a mouse, and I’ve mentioned in the past about how “silly” it is to have to use both the mouse and the keyboard ;)) compared to adding them in the few situations when they would be useful. Yes, you could simply leave them in if it doesn’t matter one way or another, but I prefer my posts to be as clutter free as possible.

ETA-yeah, you have to remove parts of a post you don’t want to quote anyway, but nested quotes adds to that and I’m lazy

It’s not that simple. If posting from a computer, it seems relatively easy to just delete the additional quote if undesired. But it isn’t that simple either way when posting from a phone.

The implementation proved to be more hassle than it was worth, by people miscoding and thus misattributing the quotes they left in, setting up confusion and hassle for the mods to clean up quotes.