How do you report an illegal eBay auction?

I’m tired of seeing people selling copyrighted material on eBay. How does one report inappropriate auctions to the eBay authorities? Thanks.

Follow this link:

Select the type of listing violation, then click the option to email them about it, paste in the listing ID, click send and sit back to watch absolutely nothing happen. eBay is not very efficient at dealing with them.

Hey how about some links to the said material? And exactly how does it make you tired (looking for illigal auctions might wear one out, but them simply being there is not something that takes energy out of people)? :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know how you’d report anything, but unless the RIAA is paying you, you are probably putting too much effort into this.

Can you be more specific? It’s perfectly legal to sell copyrighted items like books, for example.

The ease with which it is possible to find the “report an auction” contact is an accurate reflection of the priority ebay places on stopping illegal auctions.

None at all.

What about if you’re looking to buy something genuine (say a DVD) and you have to expend a good deal of effort wading through numerous listings, trying to discern which of them might be offering the genuine article? I find that tiresome to deal with.

It is actually perfectly legal to sell copyrighted music as well.

My local Borders is making a business out of it!

I assume blowero is talking about illegal copies of copyrighted material.

Thanks for the answer, Mangetout. If someone wants to start a GD thread on the subject, I’d be glad to join in and elaborate. But since this is GQ, and the question has been answered, that ought to wrap things up here.