How do you right handers put on your belt?

Hello Everyone,

I’m left handed and when I thread my belt onto my jeans I start on the left side. I’m just wondering if you righties thread from the right or left?

Just so we’re clear I’m right handed, and the end of the belt points at my left hand. I may have it backwards of other right handed people. I tie my shoes in a bizarre way as well. My dad was a big believer in encouraging creativity and didn’t show me how to do things. Instead, he would show me what it looked like and say “Do something that looks like that.”

Meaning, you pull with your right hand to buckle and unbuckle, right?

I’m right-handed.
The automatic way is to stick the end into the first belt loop to the left of the center, and thread it around counter-clockwise as I look down on it. However, I try to reverse it every other time to try to make the belt last longer.

All men’s belts, AFAIK, are started on the left side of the body, regardless of handedness.

This is what I was wondering.

I have a few belts with designs on them that require you to start them on the left side for the designs to be right side up. These belts are not identified as left handed belts.

The buckle comes around from the left side.

The same way everyone else does; one belt loop at a time.

Same. Starts going in at the left hip. I like my belts like I like my women - double D - so mine usually point right, though.

The belt goes into the first loop on the left side, and comes out on the right side. Except that I put the belt into the pants before putting the pants on.

Through the loop on the left first. Does anyone do the opposite? I don’t think any belts I’ve ever owned had an identifiable top so it’s never much mattered, I could do it the other way.

Most men, at least, start the belt going to the left. I do the opposite. I first became aware of this from a similar question on this board. I don’t know why I do it opposite. This means I use my left hand to pull the belt tight, even though I am strictly right handed.

Like california jobcase, I alternate directions each time I wear it. Wearing a belt tends to create a pronounced bend in the part that sits at my back; I take a quick look at that when I grab the belt and put it on such that it will be bent in the opposite direction.

If I can’t tell which way it’s bent, then the choice becomes arbitrary and… I don’t know which direction I choose, now that I’m talking about it. I think I start it down my left hip.

When you start with the loop on the left, the buckle matches the direction of the zipper placket on men’s trousers. That’s the way I do it.

However, a mechanic friend starts his over on his left hip. That way, the buckle won’t scratch the car he’s working on.

I’m right-handed, and I put the end through the loop on the right with my left hand. I’ve always assumed that I did that because my Dad was left-handed, and that’s the way he naturally did it, and I observed him either getting me or himself dressed.

Male – right handed for the most part and I start with the loop left of center.

I put my belt in the “opposite” way (buckle end up on the right, loose end on the left). I’m right-handed.

By the way, I have some fancy belt buckles, and the ones with images are all made to be right-side-up when the belt is started on the left, with the free end on the right.

I never knew I’ve been doing this backwards my whole life!