How do you say "24 hours a day" in Greek?

How do you say “24 hours a day” in Greek? Modern Greek, not Classical.

Babelfish gives this:

If you feed it back into Babelfish, it translates it as “24 hours the day” which may be the idiom in Greek - I wouldn’t know.

Oh, and if you stick the bit after “24” into Google, it finds plenty of pages in Greek that use the phrase, including a couple where the context seems to indicate that it is the idiom for expressing x hours per day.

Based on my experience, Γερμανός
(Germanos) :slight_smile:

“24” is εικοσιτέσσερα, by the way.

Transliterated, “eikositessera ores tin imera”.

Edit: just in case you were still wondering after seven years. :smack: