How do you soap up?

I thought I’d start a poll based on the is sharing bar soap bad thread.

So, how do you do it?

Before I answer your poll, by “rarely/don’t use soap”, do you mean bar soap? Because I generally use some liquid soap/body wash-type product and rarely bars ( usually just in hotels and whatnot ), but I always use some kind of soap in general ;).

But for the record on the occasions I use bar soap it is applied directly to the skin.

Only with other ladies, in soft lighting, with Rick James music playing in the background.

looks at poll choices

Oh. Lather directly on body.

You could count it as applying lather directly, but I thought I’d claim no soap because I use the shampoo, rather than body wash. Start from the top and work down. The suds are already there, I might as well use them.

My soap has to be in a lather. I dunno why, really, although I’ve found that shaving always sucks when I just rub the bar against my legs.

I don’t use bar soap, so choice #2 seems the closest, I use about 6 drops of Dr. Bronner’s to the palm, lather, apply and get more lather, rinse. Squeaky.

Apply directly to the forehead!!!

…sorry, what?
Uh, none of the above, actually. We have a little sleeve made out of a washcloth that fits over the soap, kind of like a pillowcase. We scrub with the soap-in-sleeve.

I meant no soap because some people don’t like soap or shampoo, apparently. I don’t get it myself.

I figured liquid soap could apply to the same thing. You could just apply the lather or put it on a loofah.