How do you suppose this magic trick is done? (Open spoilers for a magic trick.)

After P&T pointed out the move when he gets his pen out of the pocket, I can now see the deck switch, and I understand he’s palming Teller’s card when he claims to be pulling a single card out of the deck and claims it’s a joker.

But like P&T I cannot see how he gets the signed card into the new deck reversed. I thought he must be palming it back into the deck, overlaying it onto the reversed card when he grabs the reversed card. But on multiple views it seems very certain that his hand is empty when he goes to grab the card. And other than that I can’t see when he ever has a chance to get the signed card in there.

Any ideas?

The card was already in the deck?

I guess Teller has signed a number of cards during his career, and it shouldn’t be hard to procure one of them. (Or faking the signature.) Keep it in a deck, force the right card onto him, then make the switch.

Makes sense?

How would Farquhar know where on the card Penn would sign?
By the time Penn signs, the second deck is already in hand.

Right after Penn signs, Farquhar takes the card and looks down briefly as he slides it into the deck. And Penn is watching the deck at the time.

Farquhar is a master at card manipulation so getting it into the correct place won’t be that hard, the question is how was the deck stacked for the 7 of diamonds?

Which is just what P&T wanted to know. :smiley:

That’s actually the super-easy part (if you’re a world-class sleight of hand expert). After Penn spreads the deck, he hands it back at which point we never see the faces of the cards again during the selection. So when Penn hands it back, the deck gets switched for a deck with all 7 of diamonds. And the magician has a pre-prepared box of cards with no 7 of diamonds in it. As he’s showing the new box to Penn, there’s a brief period where he covers the new box with his hand, which is probably when he slides in the card that Penn signed.

Penn shuffled the deck, hands it back and it’s immediately spread. Both of F’s hands are occupied and away from the body. I can’t believe Penn wouldn’t see a switch at that point especially as they both (P&T) saw the switch just a few seconds later.

There are techniques for controlling which card your participant selects (I think that is what you mean by the super easy part).

In my opinion, Penn is aware of this but didn’t raise issue with it, because it was so basic.

In the critique, Penn & Teller say they saw the deck switch, but they didn’t catch how he got the signed card back into the deck.

I also think somewhere around 4:18 to 4:21 in the clip is where he might have re-inserted it into the new deck, but I couldn’t see a thing.

There is also the possibility of Penn & Teller are giving this guy a professional courtesy by saying they were puzzled.

Yes, there are methods of getting someone to select a given card, but I don’t think it was a posited above by switching to a all sevens deck. As noted above there just was not time.

Penn would certainly be aware of these techniques and may have given a professional courtesy by not messing with this part of the trick. The real mystery as AA points out is how he got the signed card “into” the deck. He had to either do it when opening the deck and handing it to Penn or pulling a switch when he turns the card. In either case you can’t see it.

When he opens the deck Penn is staring directly at his hands and the deck. He only has the deck for a few seconds. Right after he opens the deck at about 4:22 he has his hand briefly in front of the deck as he is getting ready to pour the deck into Penn’s hands, but Penn could see behind his hand. There appears to be a brief instant when Penn talks that his eyes might glance up, but that would be awful quick and it did not appear that he was palming the card at that point.

After that Penn holds the deck. At 5:00 when he turns the card, you get a close up view of his hand (and palm) turning the card and he does not do the switch here.

You know he put the card in there, but I don’t see it and I don’t think P&T would allow the card insert to pass if they actually did see it. The guy is just that good.

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