How do you top your cheesecake?

I was trying to think of some nice dessert to make in my new oven for a dinner party my folks are throwing, and I thought, hey, remember that cheesecake thread from a while back? So I go back, and I think I’ll do Cub Mistress’s Sour Cream Cheesecake, but I want to do a topping and I’m not sure what kind.

I do have a bunch of blueberries in the fridge, not sure what I’d like to do with them, and it doesn’t have to be blueberries at all. Just something good and tasty. So how do you guys like it?

PS - this is the thread I mentioned.

Strawberries are always good. Just about any fruit will do, in fact. Or chocolate.

With my mouth. MMMMmmmm.

I top mine with a fork, rapidly moving in a downward direction.

For some food items, I think simpler is better, thus any topping you offer I would prefer to have available on the side, so I can get a taste of unadulterated cheesecake.

That said, a mixed berry sauce would be nice. Cook any handy berries up with some sugar and a bit of lemon juice until they get to a nice consistency. Thicken with a cornstarch slurry if it’s a bit thin, maybe throw in a bit of Grand Marnier as well.

in order to continue the smart a*s answers…

With a second piece

Askia’s got the right idea. Top cheesecake? Almost never. There has only been one exception and that was melted caramel, and only a very thin layer.

I like my cheesecake untopped, or else topped with only very fresh strawberries or a light drizzle of good fudge sauce. Funnily enough, though I love caramel, I don’t like it on cheesecake.

Although Red Lobster is not typically a prime source for culinary ideas, I have to say that their cheesecake topped with a layer of white chocolate is really tasty.

With one of these delicious Dessert Hot Sauces, of course!

They really are sweet and delicious. The vanilla lemon is quite mild (1/10 for heat), while the Key Lime goes up to 6/10! The others are in between.

They’re wonderful on cheesecake, pecan pie, iced cream, and fresh strawberries too!!!

I am usually a plain cheesecake person, but one recipe I really like is made with a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie crust, drizzed with a little creme de menthe, and topped with another Thin Mint.

Then after, you can eat the rest of the box of Thin Mints.

Last time I made a cheesecake, I topped it with a curd made from blood orange juice.

Got raves, let me tell you. Raves.

I generally top mine with a pomegranate reduction and some pomegranate mousse.


There are other options? Not on my earth!

My top toppings…erm, make that “the toppings I most prefer”, are:

  1. Caramel, and
  2. Nothing.

Seriously, most of the time if there’s a topping on it I’ll scrape as much of it off as I can to get to the cheesecakey goodness. But I have a weakness for caramel, so it gets tops.

This messageboard has taught me more than all my university education.

People top cheesecake with caramel? Thin Mints? Chocolate?

My God! I had no idea people did anything other than cherries(in sauce), occasionaly strawberries(in sauce) and plain.

Blackberry compote–heaven on earth.

As so many others have said, a good cheesecake stands on it’s own. A variety of toppings on the side is nice too, it gives the guests power of choice.

A fruit topping is, IMO, about the only way to go–I find that any sort of caramel/chocolate/etc doesn’t really groove well with the cheesecake thing.

On the other hand, and I admit to never actually having tried this, it seems as if a drizzle of amaretto might do very nicely…
…or maybe I just want flan instead. :smiley:


To me, cheesecake doesn’t blend well with sweet (fruit) or bitter (chocolate or worse, mocha, cheesecake is a horror on all levels).