How do you turn up the temp on your water heater?

Mine is currently set so low that 1) The water is lukewarm and 2) it doesn’t stay warm long enough to fill up the bathrub even halfway, which is really annoying when you want to soak your sore muscles in a hot bath.

I can give you the specs if I know what to look for, I don’t know if it’s different for different water heaters.

For a gas heater at least, there should be a prominently marked control on the water heater. Something like this:


If it’s already set to reasonable value, and you have those problems, it’s more likely that there’s something wrong with the water heater. Get it repaired or replaced, rather than cranking it up all the way to compensate. It might just have a lot of sediment build up and need to be drained.

It sounds more like you have a bad element than a low thermostat setting. My hot water tank won’t adjust low enough to have lukewarm water come out.

Sounds to me like a broken dip tube, rather than a heating problem. The dip tube extends down to the bottom of the tank, which is filled from the top. If the dip tube breaks off, you’ll only be pulling water from the top of the tank where it’s cooler and will be mixing with incoming cold water making it run cold sooner.

It is usually a dial. The dial near is the gas inlet on such models, and if it isn’t…then it is under a nearby panel.

Clockwise = hotter

But first, take the model number, google it like this: 1234567 heater temperature control.

You will probably find directions.

For large tubs, a properly functioning water heater set too low will fall short. When set hot properly, you are filling the tub with water at a higher temp, so you get to use both hot and cold water, giving you much longer hot water runs. When the water is barely hot/warm, you are pumping in all the hot water tank has to offer.

Actually the dip tube is on the inlet line and ensures that the cold water is delivered to the bottom of the tank as hot water is drawn out the top. A broken dip tube will allow cold water coming in to mix with the hot water flowing out. See here: