How do you write the number seven?

The natural number seven. In handwriting, there are typically two widely used glyphs:

the “traditional” Hindu way; more or less like this, possibly with curved lines:


the “European” way (also common in Latin America), with a line or slash drawn through the center:

Which way do you write it?

European usually. Sometimes I’ll write it without the central slash if I know my reader finds it confusing.

Have never ever ever used the slash (but was aware that the variation exists.)

Never with a slash. But often with a hint of a serif at the top (somewhere between the two 7s shown here: File:Sevens.svg - Wikipedia).

I make it like either of those. I think I did the slash thing briefly in grade school but it never stuck.

The only thing I put a slash through is the letter “Z” because I have terrible handwriting and mixing up a Z with a 2 somewhere in the middle of a 2 page diff eq problem was becoming an issue.
Granted, I don’t do a whole lot of multi variable math these days, but the habit is still there.

I write an unadorned 7. It’s the American thing to do, unlike that horizontal slash Euro-affectation.

I occasionally write the slash if it’s very important that the number be read correctly. In such a case I’ll also put a hook at the top and serif at the bottom of any 1’s.

European: learned, as a Boy Scout, that “1” and “7” are easily confused and “-” can make all the difference (especially if you hastily scribble down a note that’s meant to relay vital information, For Want Of A Nail and all that).

This for me too. I find that Europeans write the digit “one” with a more significant top-left piece, which looks more like an American “seven”, so the slash helps distinguish the “seven”.

And another “slash”-er here.

This is what I do. Usually on checks probably, which is ironic since Europeans don’t write checks anymore.

I slash my 7s, though my 1s are pretty much just a vertical line so it’s not to allay any confusion. I just like it.

I put a slash through my sevens 90% of the time.

Back when I scrutineered dance competitions, the same mark could be a 7 if written by an American, a 4 if written by a continental European, and a 1 if written by a Brit. (I think I have the nationalities right that go with the different orthographies.) But even putting a slash on a 7 doesn’t always eliminate all confusion, because some Americans use the horizontal base on a 1, and if they are writing fast without looking at the paper because they are trying to see the dancers, sometimes they end up with a 1 that looks a lot like a crossed 7.

Started going slashy in eighth grade, inspired by my science teacher. Kept it up for 10 or 15 years, but now I almost always do it slashless.

Always slash my sevens. Picked it up as a child in Europe and have kept it up for the last 50 years.


European mostly but I will leave off the slash if I’m just doing some fast math for myself.

No slash. My ones and sevens are distinct. It isn’t much of a problem from other people but if you point your ones you should slash your sevens. In ye olde days, working with coding sheets and the like, pointed ones and unslashed zeroes were frowned upon. If you got frowned upon three times you got fired.

I’m a simple soul. My 7 has two strokes, and my 1 has one.