How does a luge work?

I’ve been watching these luge runs and really can’t figure out what makes one go faster than another. It just seems like they are set on the luge run and let go. Why do some go faster than others? Does it have to do with the weight of the occupants? Is the design of the luge a factor? Is there a way to make it go faster?

The metal runners are curved in front and can be slightly bent by the feet to steer in conjunction with bodyweight shifts. Bumping the sides of the track will slow down the racer.

How The Luge Works.

The main way to make it go faster is by steering it more precisely around the curves, along the fastest route. Centripetal force tends to push the sled up the slope, which is exactly what the racer doesn’t want to do, because that will add time. It takes strength and skill to keep the sled on the right course.

okay—I sorta get it.
But can somebody please explain to me: what is the two-man luge for?
Who invented it, and …in Og’s name… WHY?

Is it more fun to ride, more difficult to control, more interesting to the spectators?

Because lugers can win more medals if there’s two events instead of one.

Depends if you’re a top or a bottom. :smiley: