How does an X-Convict get a decent job?

Because that person may be the right one for the job. Because they might be willing to work for less to re-establish their work history. Because the employer may be willing to look past mistakes someone has made. Because a criminal conviction in one area may have no effect on a person’s ability to perform a job.

There are always reasons not to hire people. What you need to concentrate on are the reasons to hire someone.

I’ll third what Ringo said re starting a micro service business with a few thousand and growing it. If you don’t want to fib about your past it’s going to be really tough to get a good job in a modern economy where people are often in charge of expensive and important stuff, even at low levels.

Having said that, if I was 39, and looking to move up but locked in by that conviction , I’m not so sure that I wouldn’t be tempted (not that I would, but I would be tempted) to leave out the conviction information on job apps. Unless you’re dealing with a super high security job chances are 50-50 at best that anyone is going to pick up a criminal history. If you’re going to roll the dice like this, however, you had best do it far, far away from where people know you personally and your history.

I have a son, so was getting welfare checks a few years (300 a month) after that, my father paid my rent.Now we live with him.

stockton, first and last offense-it was bringing weed into the county jail per order of my husband.
I got probation.