How does he do this card trick?

Hi guys, any idea how this is done?

I’m no magician but it looks like complete sleight of hand, with some misdirecting dialogue. I’m thinking there’s a 2 of hearts, a 10 of spades, and 2 kings (of the suit I’ve forgotten) in the stack of 4, and he keeps artfully maneuvering them around. Notice the king is the only card he shows two of at the same time, probably to throw the viewer off.

That’s just my suspicion but it looks like he’s just very good at the sleight of hand bit and can move those cards around without us seeing it (although I am pretty sure I saw the cards jump a couple of times).

Actually, watching it again, I wonder if it isn’t even easier. Peel off three cards making it look like one - 10 is on top. Peel off three cards, making it look like two - there’s the 10. Peel off three cards, making it look like three… 10 again. A little slight of hand to shuffle the third card into the other hand, there’s the 10 as the 4th card.

I thought this was the same video discussed this spring.

Here’s a longer thread that covers this subject.

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That’s better.

Well, you see, in the second image, none of the four cards are the same as…

Wait - sorry, wrong trick. :smiley:

Funny, that was what I was expecting when I initially opened the thread.

hee hee…just as it should be …

Magic tricks are magic! Youre not SUPOOSED to know how!

You saw it on video, I saw it personally, happening right in front of me before! My friend is an amauter magician, and he did this card trick (except for the finale of where the cards suddenly becomes four kings).

It’s the sleight of hand. When he shows you the top card, it may not be the top card you are seeing. My friend did attempt to teach me some tricks, but my hands are clumsy. At any rate, it’s not impossible, but I can’t say more, 'cos of the magician’s code.

Would that be the same magician’s code in use when your friend taught you some tricks?

I think there’s a difference between sharing a secret among friends and broadcasting it out on the world wide net.

I used to do some amauter magic too (no sleight of hand stuff, though. Just those “Card Tricks that Works!” thingy) and I think there’s no prob sharing it between two amauter magicians, though I just a dabbler.

Anyway - if you are interested in learning, you can find books on those card tricks at Amazon or online stores that specialise in magic books. It’s not like those are exclusive secrets (though some of the high end tricks are, but I am quite sure the one shown in the video can be learnt from books…and plenty of practise).

Hope this helps.