How does LGBcoin's anti-sumping policy actually work

Note: This is a factualy question thread so for your own safety save the obvious political commentary for another thread.

So LGBcoin is in the news because a bunch of people fell for this obvious scam and are suing the creators.

Looking at the website they make the following claims.

Anti-Dumping: Foundation supporters and largest whales are not able to sell for 6 Months.

Mission Focused: After 6 months, Foundation supporters and largest whales are restricted to selling 3% of trailing daily volume, and no more than 3 ETH total per sale, per day

However, near as I can tell all of the 330 Trillion coins were created by the founders, and there is no way to mine new coins. So to begin with there is no-one to buy coins from other than the founders. So it would seem as though there could be no trading for 6 months, and even after 6 months no more than 3ETH per day rimes the number of founders (which would have to be more than 33 or else there would be no way to match 3% requirement)

How could the coins just be ‘created’ all at once? I thought the process of mining the coins was pretty much intrinsic to the way cryptocurrencies generally work.

Is it supposed to be a form of cryptocurrency or an NFT?

330,000,000,000,000 NFTs to be exact.

The difficulty of mining coins depends on how the cryptocurrency is set up. I’ve no idea about LGBcoin, but they could have easily arranged things so that it’s trivial to mine the first 330T coins and impractically difficult to mine any coins after that. Or they simply mined all the coins there are to mine.

I think that like an NFT they were all created at once, but unlike an NFTs they are fungible.