How does one become a SDMB moderator?

Is it something that people actively seek and apply for? Is the role sometimes solicited to certain posters?

I’ve always wondered about this - especially since it’s often viewed as such a thankless job.

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Where Do Moderators Come From?

Thanks for the relocation, Gfactor. This explains why I didn’t find any relevant threads when I searched GQ. :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for the link. So, it appears to be a combination of the methods I mentioned; mostly the first.

I understand that preference is given to those who can provide their own jackboots.

Not quite, but they are all required to provide their own Mod Hat or equivalent accessory. For instance, in my time, I wore a Mod Watch whenever making any official pronouncement, while Coldfire put on his pair of Mod Clogs. I don’t know what these newfangled mods use, though (but they should get off my lawn).

Well, when a Mommy moderator and a Daddy moderator love each other very much…

Or what TubaDiva said two years ago in the post linked by LilShieste.

But where do the ex-mods go? Are they with the baby pigeons?

One is right here in this thread.

Most of the others are on a nice farm where they can run and play and chase rabbits all day.

That’s what my mom told me about out first dog.


That’s where they go, right? :dubious:

No, they are slaughtered, skinned, gutted and fed to you for Sunday roast. First dogs, that is, not ex-mods. Ex-mods are too chewy.

But don’t ask what sort of leather **TubaDiva’s ** seat cushions are made from.

Not me. I’m stringy.

Asked and answered, I think. Thanks.