How does One Ignore a Federal Court Order?

I am curious about the case of Obama’s aunt, who lives in a city housing project in Boston. If the media is to be believed, she is a Kenyan citizen, and has no legal right (Green card) to live in the USA. Four years ago, a federal judge issued an order for her deportation. In the meantime, the Boston Housing Authority issued an acceptance of her request for a subsidized apartment, which was granted.
Now, I understand that Boston is corrupt and has a highly politicized Housing Authority. But how do you ignore a federal court order?
I think this goes to the root of the issue (of illegal immigration). Specifically: how does someone from another country, enter the USA, and receive benefits (supposedly) only for USA citizens? also, once a federal judge has decided that someone should be returned to their native country, is it not illegal for a state agency to harbor such an alien?

Just sounds like an issue of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. I could be wrong but I suspect there is no simple way for the Housing Authority to know a federal order existed to deport her.

Wouldn’t connecting those departments cost money? Spending money = big government = baaad.

I don’t see this a s a big issue for the BHA: you can verify citizenship status via a 2-minute phone call to the SS Administration. My understanding is that you have to submit tons of documentation to get considered for public housing. if you are an illegal alien, how do you get a SS#? You have no birth certificate (identifying you as born in the USA).
Something smells here-if somebody "made a call’ on behalf of this woman, shouldn’t there be a record of this?

She was not ordered removed by a federal judge. An immigration judge rejected her asylum claim. For all we know, she’s in the process of appeal.

Speaking of “for all we know,” state agencies have no way of definitely determining someone’s immigration status. So they don’t generally try. And when they do implement policies to do so, they lose in federal court.

In answer to your bigger question, it’s like asking how parking tickets go unpaid. The answer is: people don’t pay them.

“How does One Ignore a Federal Court Order?” Ask the Bush administration.

People with pending asylum applications pending, including people in the appeal process, are eligible for work authorization, and therefore for Social Security numbers. Which is as it should be.

I’ve seen no documentation anywhere that she has exhausted the chain of appeals of her asylum denial.

For that matter, there are thousands upon thousands of people in the U.S. who have ignored deportation orders that were issued because of their felony convictions. Frankly, I’d rather Homeland Security got rid of those people before expending scarce resources chasing after senior citizens who never hurt anyone and sending them back to unstable countries.

An order of deportation is not something you have to “obey”, thats called an order of “voluntary departure” which basically means you have time to get your shit together before you have to leave. If you are under order of deportation you basically just wait for them to come get you. From personal experience it can take over 8 years from when the order is issued until they actually decide to come get you.

Ask Rove he has no trouble with it.

Clearly, you have never tried to call the SS Administration.

You don’t need to be born in the USA to get a SS number.

Last time I checked, you didn’t have to prove citizenship to rent an apartment. It’s not harboring; it’s ignorance.

Exactly. You don’t even need to be a permanent resident. I got a social security number and card when I first moved to the US on an H1-B visa, although it had “not authorized for work without USCIS authorization” stamped on it until I got my replacement card when I became a permanent resident.

From what I understand, the public housing wasn’t restricted to US citizens anyway.

Apparently nothing is restricted to US citizens any more.

I was not born in the US, and I have never been a US citizen, but I’ve had a social security number for 9 years. You can get one if you are authorised to work in the US, and there are several paths to that without being a citizen.