How does one make a macro?

I want one that is not application or context dependent. Well actually, it would be okay if it was somehow associated with my browser (firefox), as I only need it online.

See, I have a ridiculously long primary email address. I’ve had it since I first went online (with a 14.4 kb dialup modem!), and I’m sentimental about it.

But this was the 90’s, and we were all starry-eyed and idealistic then. One’s username was a reflection of your soul, your essential nature, and as such had to really mean something. Yikes. That was before I had had to type it sixty trillion times.

And a large number of sites and services want you to sign in with your email address. I could get one that’s hecka short and use it for that purpose, but it’s too late now, I’ve already registered with everything. I don’t want to use a wallet-passport-type program, for idiosyncratic security reasons.

Nope, what I want is to hit a hotkey combination, and have it type out my danged email address for me.

Anyone know a good free app to do this? (with XP SP2)



This will do exactly what you ask, I have a similar problem and found this invaluable.

Ooooh! Thank you!

When I logged on this morning and saw my post so far down, I was preparing to be disappointed. You have saved the day!

Opera has a built in “forms” tool. I type only the first letter, and it throws up a menu of things that start with that letter. Takes me about 10-15 seconds to fill out all the info for an e-vendor.

Woo-hoo! It works! How many days do you get to see your dreams (however small) come true?

P.S. Thank you too, Kevbo. I’ve always meant to try opera, perhaps I will someday.