How does one remove fish oder from the microwave?

I nuked some fish sticks last week. Now whenever I warm something up, the kitchen still* reeks of fish.

Any suggestions as to removing this gawdawfull smell?

Put a bowl of white vinegar in there & nuke it 'till it boils & creates condensation all over the inside. Remove bowl & thoroughly clean the whole inside of the microwave.

That should do it.

Thank You, Carina42!!

My house has been smelling like swordfish for the last two weeks everytime I use the microwave. Which is like every day. :wink:

I’ll try that trick tonight!

Carine42 is correct. It works well with lemon juice in the water instead of vinegar too. I can’t stand the smell of vinegar so I always use the lemon juice. Smells cleaner to me.

I was all set to come in here & ask why the hell you’re cooking fish in a microwave to begin with, then I sawe the word sticks.

Carry on.

Clarification: mine’s a combo oven, and with the swordfish I used the “Grill” option.

So, lemme get this straight. My microwave will then smell like vinegar instead of fish, huh? :wink:

The lemon juice sounds cool too.