How does the dude w/no legs get OFF the motorcycle?

Agent Foxtrot saw a guy in İstanbul who, despite having no legs, was zipping around town on a motorcycle. We debated for a while exactly how he got down off the motorcycle – I can believe that, with some ingenuity and a ladder, he count mount the motorcycle, but how does he get off it? Does he point the motorcycle towards the nearest large crowd of people, then launch himself off while screaming, “CAAAAAATCH MEEEEE!”?


If it’s stable, I don’t have any trouble believing he could launch himself off it with his arms. He’s probably been getting around that way for years.

What I want to know is how he stops. I have to put my foot down to keep my bike from tipping over. Not having a foot would make that really, really hard.

How does he shift?

It was probably a moped type of cycle? Still would have to put a foot down at a stop, unless it had some sort of third wheel that the OP didn’t notice. Maybe a retractable kickstand device that can be actuated by a hand.

There was a guy, I think named Dave Barr (Burr)? who rode around the world who had no legs. He had fake legs, but they don’t always work and I read he waited awhile when he fell in Africa for someone to come along and help him. Did this guy have fake legs or just no legs at all? I can’t imagine how anyone could do any riding without legs at all.

He rides with his buddy, Jack.

You don’t get down off a motorcycle, you get down off a duck.


So his buddy Jack helps him off? Spoils the joke, doesn’t it?

[URL=ttp://] Heck no legs is not the end!