How Does This Spam Work? "Get out of my life!"

MS Outlook has been segregating this into the spam in-box, but I’ve been getting messages that say “Get out of my life. F*** off. I will never forgive you. Ask your sister, she has seen it.”

Obviously, I delete this crap without replying to it. (An actually decent “I’m mad at you” message would get a response.)

WTF is the purpose? Just trolling, throwing poop and trying to hurt strangers’ feelings? Or do they want me to respond to they’ll add my address to some other attack? Or???

It is just a rock in a box. They are trying to burn your Golden Retriever.

Like most SPAM, there is no point. That is the beauty of it. It is free to send and it beats the shit out of having to lick the stamps to send out mass incoherent massages like the old days.

Just set up a special rule to send it straight to the trash within Outlook and/or report it as SPAM to your e-mail provider. The funny thing is that some people still have no idea how to use e-mail. We occasionally get someone that inadvertently sends out a mass e-mail at work to the whole company (over 100K people). The responses saying “Remove me from your mailing list!” with a Reply to All start to come in almost instantly and won’t stop for days if you don’t do something. All it takes to avoid that is to set up a rule to tell Outlook to not deliver them in the first place.

It’s an address test and a provocation to those who can be provoked. Most such “WTF” spams are one or the other or both. Think of it as the spammer trying your phone number to see if you’re home.

Maybe you’ve really ticked someone off without realizing it? :smiley:

That is a good point. The messages are probably coming from inside the house. Check closely under the beds but have a baseball bat handy.

That seemed the most likely…

This was my guess for “next most likely.” Some twit was just trolling.

That is certainly not impossible! (But, seriously, seems unlikely: people who really vent a grievance like that usually include details. “…For what you said at the company picnic.” “…For your antisemitic joke.” “…For wearing white after Labor Day.”)

Is that in the Subject of the spam or the body? If it’s in the subject, I could see it as a good way to get people to open the spam since they want to find out who’s mad at them. Or they may think it was misdirected and want to read the salacious details.

Does it have any attachments? The spammer may attached a virus and is hoping you’ll open the attachment to get more details about what happened.

The spammers may also be hoping to just get a reply of any kind so they know if it’s a valid email address. The spammers have lists with millions of email addresses, but they don’t know which are still active. Many email servers won’t send a failure notice back, so the spammers don’t know if the addresses are still valid. If you reply in any way, they know your email is good and they’ll be able to get a higher price for it.

Ask your sister.

Outlook deletes (or de-activates) attachments when it moves them to the spam folder. It also converts links to text. It’s pretty good at de-fanging that kind of crud. Believe me, there’s no way I’d follow any link in such a letter, nor open any attachment.

As it happens, it’s just a message, so I guess they either want me to reply to it…or they’ve gotten their jollies just knowing I’ve seen it at all.

Grin! It would help if the message had any clear indication who it is from!