How does this work?

Note to MODS and everyone else: I have no intention of stealing cable! I’m just curious about this

I saw this on Ebay. After a little research I found that, allegedly, it allows the user to order a “pay per view” movie, yet prevents the cable company from registering the purchase.

Now, I have digital cable, and I know that it’s quite sophisticated.
They can reprogram my box from the main office using computers, and they do in fact know if I have a box hooked up or not.
So how does this thing work without detection? I emailed about 2 dozen people whom purchased one, and all of them said that as long as you order pay per view using the remote and NOT via telephone, it works well. But how?
Once again, I’m only curious and have absolutely no intention of ripping off my local cable company or anyone else for that matter.

WAG: You are also receiving an analog signal through your cable line, as well as the analog signal. This device allows you to view channels in analog mode.

And as well as the digital signal too… (sigh)