How does Tommy Lee of Motley Crue rate as a musical artist?

Putting aside the tabloid aspects of his life, how does he rate as a rock drummer in his genre in terms of technical and artistic competency and showmanship?

I’d say he’s pretty far up there, in the same league as guys like Neil Peart and Alex Van Halen.

He is really great !

Hes one of the best metal drummers.


Personally I think hes useless. Hes got by on big hair and stick twirling and id say anyone could play circles around him…


Rock Drummer - I think he’s a well respected drummer…KICK ASS!!!
Artistic competency - well, he wrote Girls, Girls Girls…:smiley:
Showmanship - The flying, rotating drum kit!? if that’s not showmanship, I dunno what is…oh, and also, having some big hair and thick makeup added to his showmanship


He’s no John Bonham

Consider this. Exactly what has he done since Motley Crue?

Although I did see him at a trade show a few months ago and he had about 200 kids around him wanting autographs. They didn’t know or care that he was washed up.