How does "Yoda speak" translate to spanish?

More normal, does he sound?

There’s some Yoda quotes in this Spanish Wiki

Here’s a few examples in which Yoda reverses normal word order, as in English:

“Surely, marvelous the mind of a child is.”

“Fear of loss a road to the dark side is.”

“Difficult to see the future is.”

Many more are like that.

So sound more normal does he not.

Ditto with Colibrí.
Also, Spanish is, like English, a mostly Subject-Verb-Object language (SVO), the OSV structure is poetical an rarely if ever used in conversation

How would you translate him to Latin? Word order doesn’t really matter there, does it?

Well, it matters some, in that word order usually changes the emphasis, and at least some attention to word order is necessary to match adjectives up with the correct nouns, and such. But the construction itself wouldn’t seem ungrammatical.

How about German, where the verb is often at the end placed?

Latin is normally a SOV syntax – while inversions are not uncommon for appropriate effect, normal non-esse sentences will be in SOV construction as a general rule. (X=Y sentences using ofrms of esse are the same as in English, SVO).

Magister Ioda Ordinis Diediensis would probably use a OSV syntax.

I believe you “How about German, where the verb often at the end placed is?” mean.

Or perhaps, “I you “How about German, where the verb often at the end placed is?” mean believe.” ?

Much better that is. Germans on this board are there? Perhaps enlighten us as to how Yoda was translated they can.

Grammatical errors in Latin not involving word order, one can make, I think. Make you sound like an alien (or barbarian) they could. But that like a Yiddish grandfather they would make you sound, not so much.

Much the same as in the English, the inversions are. Unusual emphasis or a poetical style, rather than faulty grammar, the impression is.

Weird, the structure, syntactical (of course), sentences, despite their intelligibility, can have.

Alphabetical intelligibility is is preserved syntax used when?

Aches, my head does.

For short sentences in context read, preserved intelligibility is.

(Yoda’s voice in my head is, every time sentences like this I read.)

This to mention, I came in for. A normal sounding Yoda, you want? Yiddish you should speak.


(palate cleanser)

"Inigo Montoya my name is.

Kill my father you did.

Die. Mmm. Prepare, you should."

Nope, Yoda doesn’t sound any more normal in Spanish.