How easily do you scare?

I recently went on a scare-myself-quest, for some unknown reason and came across a few things, including Ben Leffler games, a Sinthai game and a few stories.

Of the Ben Leffler games, I found the Purgatorium to be interesting as an interactive but I wouldn’t classify it as a game. The twist was good fun.

Exmortis 1 - I used a walkthrough and turned the sound off, I didn’t want to play Exmortis 2, so I just read the walkthrough.

I read the story ofTed the Caver and found it interesting but not innately scary, just disturbing. Evil Kids didn’t really hit any spots for me but I can understand how it could be altered for more atmospheric-inspired terror. The Box was touted as vomit-inducingly frightening, but while I felt vaguely squicked out, I wasn’t frightened.

On the other hand; the House was intensely creepy. I closed it three times before I got past the third room. Not so much scary as it gave me a good fright. This film, Taken, also gave me a fright.

Patricia Piccinini’s work was said to be terrifying but I found it vaguely creepy but on the whole, admirably well done. I loved the face hugger picture especially.

Try the games and stories (they’re a bit time consuming, so feel free to do them one at a time) and tell me how scary you think they are.

Computer games are not that scary. You need to get out in the fresh air more.

If you want to be scared there are much better things to do, like walking out into traffic and seeing if it stops before it hits you.

For me, it has a lot to do with the first-person mode. If I can *see *my character, it’s a lot easier to maintain a sort of distance.

While playing the game Oblivion, I’ve screeched once or twice because I’ve been creeping through a dark dungeon and suddenly a zombie lurched out of the shadows. (Your control pad also vibrates when your character takes a hit, so that can sort of add to the “reality.”)


I startle like nobody’s business; this is not fear, merely reaction. I’ll startle even if I know it’s coming (like in a movie), and when hit with something truly unexpected will unfold like a falling rag doll. I have been known to lose all motor control when tapped on the shoulder at work.

Strangely enough, I have never played a scary computer game long enough to be actually scared by it.