How easy to forget: "God wants to erase his enemies"

In a recent thread someone asked for evidence that George W. Bush thought in Apocalyptic terms. I posted part of this strange account from Jacques Chirac’s book:

I was startled when I Googled and found the quote. But what should have been more startling is that I was startled: I was well aware of the quote and had thought it startling several years ago when I first saw it. The Doper I was responding to apparently had never seen it, and didn’t comment on it much. If this were a poll, one question I would have would be: Rank this GWB utterance on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means you agree with it and 10 means you’re flabbergasted such a cretin could be elected President.

Frankly, anyone who goes below 9½ on their answer to that question will strike me as wrong-headed.

I’m sure right-wingers are happy to put all this behind them. They never liked GWB, they’ll point out (though the reason is mainly that GWB was never lunatic enough for them).

Should I have posted this in GQ? The question being “Did Chirac, himself a President and prominent right-wingish statesman, really attribute these words to GWB?” It seems hard to believe he’d invent such a lie and allow it to propagate.

Should I post this in GD? I’m not sure where debate would focus, perhaps “How ashamed should Americans be that they elected this man?”

But what really struck me is: How easy it is to forget. I had known the quote from before, yet was still startled to rediscover it. Googling to get a better cite, I encountered a blog comment:

This comment seems misplaced. That we were capable of electing the man with the quote should be an important rude awakening for us. Instead, “been there … done that … get over it …” :confused: :confused: