How else could War of the Worlds ended? (spoilers)

While I have to admire Speilburg and co for going with the ending of the original book – the Earth germs felling the alien invaders – it still seemed like a deus ex machina kind of ending.

It does beg the question though, how else could the movie have ended without the aliens winning? The only way I can think of that wouldn’t also seem a cop out would be the invaders leaving as mysteriously as they came. Signs took this route, and I think it was a great way to end the invasion, stupid water aliens aside.

I’m sure there are more creative minds than me though, does anyone else have any suggestions? Or feel like they were watching Half Life 2: the movie at times?

I remember a 50’s (I think) science fiction movie where the aliens were destroyed by rain. That was reassuring to a 10-year-old. :slight_smile:

I’m no scientist, so to me, germs (and rain) being deadly to aliens is plausible.

I like your idea too, but my first thought would be that they’re leaving things open for a sequel.

We could get them to war with each other and they destroy themselves. We could capture their superior advanced technology and use it against them. We could genetically engineer the germ that kills them. We could figure out how to communicate with them and negotiate a diplomatic solution. We could nuke the planet, thereby making it uninhabitable for anyone. We could be saved by a third party (i.e. another alien race or Jesus packing Rambo bandoliers). We could be saved by a gigantic error or miscalculation on the alien’s part. We could be saved by dumb luck (i.e. a meteor strikes their main control nexus). How’s that?

We could dicover that their computers readily interface with Macs and download a virus that…oh wait, that one’s been done.

Perhaps we could find a way to exploit the aliens lack of Telephone Sanitizers.

Slim Whitman “When I’m calling you-oooo-oooooo”

“And who knew that simple, common as dirt bullets to the head would be their mortal weakness?” But really, coulda ya’ have put in spoiler tags? Sure, I knew how the original ended, and I am not planning to see this film any way, but…
Where was I again? Oh, yeah. I expected that this film would have no resemblance to the original, kinda like movies made of video games.

Given that the thread title has (spoilers) in it that’s kinda superfluous.

AuntiePam, while I agree that germs etc being bad for aliens is plausible I just can’t stop thinking that after several million years of planning one of them wouldn’t have brought that up at some point!

But why should he? He put “spoilers” in the title, so you knew there would be spoilers when you opened the thread.

:smack: My mind skipped right over that fact. :smack:

Considering the Imperialism Analogy the book was going for, you could have the aliens conquer earth, stay about 50 years or so doing horrible things to their human slaves, and then fighting a destructive war amongst other aliens and eventually decide to leave because Earth is no longer worth the investment due to uprisings and such.

How’s this for a twist: The aliens die of Earth germs, and the entire Earth population dies of alien germs!!

It’s a win-win scenario: We get rid of the aliens, and bring about world peace!

Perhaps my favorite, goofy, WTF way to get rid of the alien invaders. :slight_smile:

(Besides a 1920’s-style death ray, of course).

From Scary Movie 3

“I’ve got it !!! Without their heads, they’re powerless !!!”

Well, things start to turn around when Chewie and two Ewoks swing on top of one of the tripods like Tarzan and take it over.

In a classic Twilight Zone twist, Venus invades. :eek:

works better than penis ensuing.

Our first space explorations, to the moon and all, have been fanatic about trying to isolate against potential germs/viruses/infection/whatever… but I wonder whether we would have thought of it if H G Wells hadn’t so dramatically brought it to our attention?

So, I don’t have any problem imagining a world where germs/viruses are not harmful to the other life forms, and therefore no one would have thought of a world that’s different.

We could be saved by some ancient weapon left behind by someone who foresaw the… Um, that’s been done too.

Germs aren’t interesting to look at on the big screen. I want to see aliens eliminated by larger creatures. Maybe bees, locusts, cats or ravens.

I don’t care how it ends, as long as we get a scene of the tripods brandishing Tom Cruise’s mangled body while they stomp every Scientology center into rubble. :smiley: