How ESPN made me a sports collectible

The short of it:

Check out what ESPN is auctioning off on eBay:

The long of it:

A little setup:

  1. I have been bleaching my hair blonde for about the last 18 months, and
  2. I’m at work at 5am every day, partly so I can listen to my favorite radio show, the nationally syndicated ESPN morning show, Mike and Mike in the Morning (

Last June, Mike and Mike, who usually broadcast their show from Bristol, Connecticut, came to Dallas to do their radio show. I thought it would be fun to go see the guys I listen to every day, so I went and watched the show. Now earlier that week, I had my hair cut, but I had not re-bleached it before I went to see the show. So, the top of my hair was blonde, while the sides and roots were my usual dark brown. My hair, to put it simply, looked bad. Now Mike Greenberg, the “little Mike” of Mike and Mike, decided this was funny, and so while on-air, he picked on me about my hair. All meant in fun, of course, as he told me during a break. The next day, when the show was on again, Mike recounted the past day’s events and once again remarked on my hair, calling me “the guy with the unfortunate dye job.”

I thought this was pretty funny, so in keeping with that, whenever I write into the show (which is fairly often) I “sign” my name as “The Guy with the Unfortunate Dye Job”.

This has continued until February, when Mike and Mike once again did their show from Dallas. Again, I went to watch the show. Of course, I purposefully made sure my hair looked as bad as the last time, which meant that once again Greeny made fun of my hair on-air. Unlike before, however, I took my camera. One of the pictures I got was of Mike and Mike with me.

Now when Mike and Mike go on the road, they take some black-and-white 5x7 glossys with them, and anyone who wants one can have them signed by the Mikes. When the guys sign the pics, they always sign it the same way, Greeny signing his “Good morning!” and Golic signing his “Best Wishes”. So when I got my pictures back from their visit, I thought I would do something humorous. I went to the local Wal-Mart, took the picture of me and the Mikes, and turned it into two black-and-white 5x7 glossys. I then signed one to Greeny with the line “Good Morning” and one to Golic with the line “Best Wishes”. I then mailed the glossys to the show in Bristol.

All of this background to get to the point.

So I’m listening to the show (as usual) this past Tuesday (March 25th), and the Mikes start talking about making some cash. In the past, people have come to remotes, got autographs from Mike and Mike, and then sold those autographs on eBay. So Mike and Mike thought they would get in on this cash-making scheme: They would sell the two pictures I sent them on eBay. After a flurry of e-mails, they set up today to be the day the auction starts. You can check out the auction online at the link above. Proceeds from the auction go to The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

During the show on April Fools Day (and throughout the week), this will get some air time, so if you have an ESPN Radio affiliate in your area, you may want to listen in. The show is on from 5am - 9am CST. I pass this along so you can share in my 15 minutes of fame. And, of course, to solicit people to bid it up!

  • The Guy with the Unfortunate Dye Job

I remember a while back when the Mike Greenberg autographs first hit eBay. He was on the air mocking the people who bid on them (I think it was up to like maybe $10).

Greeny starts going off about why would anyone bother to buy his autograph on eBay, considering so few people ever actually bothered to simply write to him and ask for a signed photo for free, which he said he almost always provides.

It’s up to $52 already today, and there’s still 8 more days to bid! Crazy.

Still, it IS for a good cause.

OK, the goal is in sight now. I was personally hoping to break the $86 that Greeny got for his picture. The auction at $61 this morning!

Everyone on the message board want to donate 50 cents and push this way up? :smiley:

Oh, and to help out, this morning Mike and Mike actually put the link to the auction on their page. I’m so enjoying my 15 minutes of fame! :smiley:

It’s all over: My two pics (and some other stuff) netted $152.50 for The V Foundation.

Amazing - I could get all that stuff for free, and someone pays 150 bucks for it. Just goes to show,… well, I don’t know exactly what it shows, but it shows something.

Cool! And congrats(?)

What, no bobblehead?