How exactly would an anti-christ 'conquer the world'

When a story about an evil incarnation in religion or entertainment media comes up they usually imply that a baby with the spirit of the anti-christ or some other evil entity in it will grow up and ‘conquer the world’. That seems to be a staple, assuming a baby will grow up and conquer all of humanity.

How do you conquer the world? Nobody has ever successfully done that. People have conquered parts of the world, but never the whole thing. Genghis Kahn, Stalin, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, but each one only controlled a fraction of humanity. I think Stalin ran 1/6 of the world at his peak, which leaves 5/6 out of his control. I assume that was land mass, not population as that seems high. Mao may have controlled 1/6 of humanity but had a smaller % of land mass.

So how would that even be possible? The only way I could think of doing it is if the anti-christ was a character who was extremely brilliant and could develop military weaponry 100+ years more advanced than any other nation, neutralizing their militaries in weeks the same way the US is able to neutralize the official military in places like Iraq in weeks. Plus if he were truly brilliant his countries would run well (excellent economies, technology and health care) which would incentivize people to join him. That is about all I can come up with.

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A media mogul that’s wealthy enough could certainly have enough power to run the world.

I imagine that the person who owns the property rights to something like an immortality pill or warp core reactor would have the leverage to make the whole world bend at his or her whim. There probably isn’t a person on the planet who wouldn’t look the other way in exchange for something earth-shattering enough. If someone were to promise Americans a near infinite energy source in exchange for military action against another country on their behalf and they were able to point to the happy customers in China and Russia, you damn skippy that Congress would at least call a special session to mull the plan over.

Well, most of the moden “second coming”/end of the world/antichrist stories usually involve anti-UN conspiracy theories. Left Behind is the most famous example, but by far not the only one. Basically, the general idea is that the antichrist becomes Secretary General of the UN, and then, for whatever reason, the countries of the world agree to turn over sovereignty to the United Nations, which then becomes a world government, with the antichrist at its head.

I always assumed that he would be the leader of a fanatic militant religious movement. As it conquers territory it gains converts,

Yeah but could any religion conquer all 7 billion people on earth? That sounds unlikely because several have tried.

None of them were lead by the Anti-Christ. He, presumably, should have some serious charisma and miracle working going for him.

I don’t think the A.C. would “conquer” the world in the military sense. Rather, he would be the head of an international worldwide movement so widespread and with so many adherents that those world leaders who weren’t among his followers would for the most part have to bow to popular pressure.

At least as portrayed in Revelations, the Anti-Christ is a false Messiah: someone who convinces most of the world that they are the long awaited savior of the human race. And Revelations portrays him as being able to work miracles as proof. People fall for cults all the time; imagine if some sort of charismatic super-guru who could actually demonstrate supernatural power came along, and founded a movement that gained hundreds of millions of fervent followers, in every country and every level of society. A movement so influential that in many places it transcended (or co-opted) the power of the State itself. And for a time at least, it seemed that the hopes and dreams of humanity were being fulfilled. Communism could gain the unquestioning obedience of millions of people, despite its obvious cruelties; imagine if Superman came to Earth and founded a cult following.

I think it would be something like that.

I think this is why many of the AC-orientated conspiracy theorists dwell on the notion of one world government or global organizations like the UN. Obviously they think if there’s one world government, all the anti-christ needs to do is become the head of it and gain some sort of de facto or bureaucratic control over everyone.

I.e. (from the Christian point of view), what Christ did, except this time for evil ends – hence the term “anti-Christ.” And this time without scruples and with the help of modern technology.

Start with North America first. It gives you five extra armies and there’s only three territories it can be attacked from. Hold Iceland to keep anyone else from getting the Europe bonus and then invade South America and Africa.

Jess, is that you? I hear my old dorm game buddies calling…

Sounds like a Risky strategy to me. Better to start with Australia and expand through Asia.

Pftt. Australia>Asia is a false siren, luring many a would-be conqueror to their doom. To easy to burn yourself out chasing the phantom of an Asian empire than can rarely be secured and even more rarely held for any length of time. IME Australia is usually the last to fall, but usually not the last standing.

Now South America>North America is where it’s at. Fewer chokepoints to defend.

Easy. Here’s a plan, provided you are Swedish.

Revelation. Singular, no S.

First, forge a Hawaiian birth certificate…

Yeah but that’s just pathetic. Obama can’t even get the entire US to be behind him. And he is very charismatic! What a lousy anti-Christ we get.

And there’s the problem. Most of the world isn’t looking for a long-awaited “savior” of the human race.

Nobody was “looking for a savior,” as such, when any of the Big Time Religions took off, either.