How far will the Jimmy Savile fallout go?

My wording wasn’t great. I should have said the judicial process may have been flawed. I really dont know enough about the judicial process during and before the original trial.

I wasn’t complaining about it being flawed either. I was mentioning it as a possibility, nothing more than that. Judicial processes can be flawed. No matter what the crime, who the perpetrator was or the age of the victim. The judicial process isn’t always perfect, even for paedophiles, child murderers or animal torturers.

Regarding the Opening Post…

The Saville case seems to have led to a growing campaign for an investigation into claims of a paedophile ring operating in Westminster in the past.

There have been a steady procession of statements since Saville and the Home Office sounds as if it is trying to head off a major scandal. This could be very big. There have been rumours of this for many years concerning Cyril Smith, a Liberal MP who died several years ago.

The current crop of politicians might think it is sufficiently remote from them to avoid direct fallout onto their careers and some former major players of the 1980s (Tebbit) seem to have broken ranks giving weight to the idea of a cover up and there are demands for an investigation.

Savile was quite a far reaching investigation, the institutions concerned: the BBC and the NHS, were quite weak. This is different. Westminster, the heart of Government is full of political operators and they all collect dirt on each other. They went to the same Public schools so their networks of influence are powerful. We haven’t heard anything from victims yet. I guess most will have been young boys unfortunate enough to find themselves in care homes in the 1970s and 1980s.

Theresa May will be making a statement.

I know the emboldened part of your statement was not the impportant part, but I disagree with it entirely. The BBC and NHS are probably the 2nd and 3d strongest institutions we have in the UK.

I still find it hard to believe a high level paedophile ring was working in Westminster(though I of course could be wrong). What I mean by this is the situation where paedophile politicians would regularly go around snuffing out investigations from the heart of government. Again though, I would never say never. Organizations and politicians can work in weird ways. Still, im going to take it all with a pinch of salt for now until further evidence comes to light.

I meant strength in terms of being well led. The NHS and the BBC regularly go into crisis when they are challenged. They do not have strong leadership, it is often weak and ineffective and was quite clearly exploited by the likes of Savile.

Nonetheless, people appreciate and respect the positive work they do.

Politicians and Civil servants in Westminster on the other hand…

I think they’re kind of left wing socially and right wing economically. If that even makes sense.

Sure it does - it’s classic European liberalism.

I’ll take your word for it.

In other news, I was just reading about Rolf at the Independent and got an autoplaying ad from Eli Lilly regarding erectile dysfunction. I’m not sure where to really go with that.

Then, it doesn’t make sense.

The Lib Dems are Left of Centre both socially and economically. Economically they are not quite as Left Wing as old Labour were in the late 70’s to early 80’s. The resurgence of a nationwide 3rd party(eventually becoming the Lib Dems) was when the SDP formed in 1981, splintering from the Labour Party. But yeah, they are a weird mixture of libertariansim, paternalism and centre Left economics.

Yea. There’s a former British Cabinet minister from the 80’s about whom there are persistent rumours. Obviously I can’t allege who this might be. If Google have not removed the links it won’t be hard to find with a little creativity.

Funnily enough I heard the name first indirectly via a care professional working in London at the time.

Edited to add;

Another Thatcher minister, who is not suspected of involvement was on TV saying he thinks there probably has been an Establishment cover-up. That would be Norman Tebbit.

And that’s the attitude that gave Saville free rein for decades.

It’s Leon Brittan, for anyone who’s wondering.

Everybody who follows what’s going on knows who this is but libel laws prevent naming. An MP could use Parliamentary privilege.

You might think that but I couldn’t possibly comment. To coin a phrase.

Awwwwwww, I’m telling.

And how does this sentence not apply to Saville?

Leon Brittan yesterday addressed the allegations against him publicly.

As for naming names, im mixed on the issue. The same throwing around of names lead to Lord McAlpine being wrongly accused on tv and social media a year or so back.

He’s dead.

Is British defamation law really that scary?!

I wpnder if McAlpine’s estate managed to sell the Graham Ovenden works he bought loads of?