How fast do farts travel?

I don’t know how fast, but one was hot enough to set my college roommate’s jeans on fire.

Old farts travel about 15 mph for at least 10 miles.

What causes hang-time? I always thought it was due to leakage and one’s not necessarily smelling gas, but the actual feces splatter against the inside of the underwear.

Gotta ask – did you then dump on the doorsteps?

Only on the Dope.

Didn’t Cecil do a column on some Japanese toilets that have fans installed inside them (or some such), in order to er, eliminate that smell of expelled gas in public toilets? Or am I now confabulating Dope columns as well as experiences in my real life? :confused:

Nice article in wiki. And no discussion of farts is complete without mention of Le Pétomane or providing visual aids via YouTube.

I always thought that in Sweden it meant Dolly Parton lying in the road ahead.

Young ones are allus walking across my lawn at about 2 mph.


And the underwear staining is at the speed of browned.

Yeah. And also, when you fart in Danish elevators, you have the option of alerting your fellow passengers. Such a polite country.

I should also mention the effort the Danes are making to reduce emissions on their highways.

So, have I helped to fight ignorance by asking this question?

Can I expand (hehe) the question? How compressed is the gas before emission?

I wonder if certain farts are denser than others, thus causing more hang time.

Guy lights candle with fart:

Gotta love the grunt of determination!

LOL. Too much determination leads to premature defecation.

The signs of the prophets are written on the bathroom stalls:

Here I sit all broken-hearted;
Came to shit and only farted.


Don’t you bitch, you had your chance;
I tried to fart and shit my pants.

Are these invisible feces, 'cause i have never noticed any skidmarks after even the most pungent and durable barking spiders.

Pray you never see the lolcat for this.

That would be an lolshat.