How fast do you drive on the highway?

Assume limited access highways-few to no traffic lights or stop signs, minimum posted speed of 55 MPH. Speeds posted presume a +/- uncertainty-so if you chose “+5”, that means you might tend to average +/- 2-3 MPH either way.

Poll is private to protect the guilty.

Left to my own devices, I pretty much stick to the speed limit or a tad above. If the flow of traffic is appreciably faster, I’ll speed up and travel with the pack.

I usually conform to the flow, which on the highways I typically travel is around 10 mph over the limit. My tickets (and there have been a few) have all been for going faster than 10 over.

I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere. I usually drive about 5 under.

Had three tickets when I was 18, one of them for driving 60+mph over the speed limit. Since then I’ve slowed down tremendously, and I just haven’t gotten around to driving like an imbecile anymore.

I usually just go with the traffic flow, which 'round here equals 5-10mph above the speed limit. The last time I got a speeding ticket, I was in my teens.

I go with 5 over or 10% but which one I follow changes based on how I’m feeling.

Last night, driving from Pittsburgh back to DC, I averaged 60 mph. And that counts traffic that slowed me down to 5 mph for 3 or 4 miles. I usually drive 80 mph when I can.

I usually drive around 70-75 mph if I’m just heading a few miles away.

20+, I like to go fast. I just drove Orlando, FL to Reading, PA, my trip computer said I averaged 69 for the whole trip. A tad slow, but I had to eat.

It all depends on the use level. If others are around I’ll either do the posted speed or, if light, maybe up to 5 mph over. I’ll try to minimize the relative difference between myself and anyone else.

If, however, we’re talking extremely remote areas like West Texas and the Big Bend where you have the road entirely to yourself then, well, I’d rather not say.

I set my cruise control for about 5-9 mph over, except for in town driving. Speeding tickets are expensive and a hassle. Plus, my mpg improves when I keep my speed down.

My speed on the highway does not vary with the speed limit of the highway. I find that the limit is either unobtainable due to weather or traffic, or silly, due to the lack of the same.

I love to drive fast. It is probably my worst vice. On the highway, I pass everyone in sight, despite driving a 10 year old VW bug.

Well, currently my speeds are in km/h, meaning that it’s a lot easier to do +20 over. Still, the marked speed is 90, and I usually do 150 to 160 when it’s safe to do so. And yes, I’m sure that it’s safe to do so when I do so.

Get out of my way, slowpokes!

If I’m by myself or at the lead of a bunch of cars, I try not to go more than 5MPH over the limit. I don’t want to be the first one the cop hits with his radar.

If I can find somebody going 10 or 20 over the limit I’ll match their speed and follow them some distance back. Ideally I like to follow about 1/4 mile behind somebody going 15 or 20 over the limit, and have somebody else follow me a 1/4 mile behind.

I like to tell the story about how I had my cruise control set on 95 MPH on I-95 through South Carolina or Georgia, and stayed at that speed for 45 min or more.

I try not to be the fastest thing on the freeway, and normally just maintain with flow.

Yesterday morning, I was doing 80-85 in a 65 and getting passed.

Those people that pass me? I call them CHP Bait. :smiley:

Speed limit or thereabouts, unless I’m not paying attention to the speedometer. In which case: :eek:. To my knowlege, that’s only happened once, but I was up over 80 when I noticed. I was learning to drive a stick and Dad, in the passenger seat, hadn’t said a word the whole time.

I’m with you. Bat out of hell checking in here. No speeding tickets.

Our freeways are posted for 100 km/h. I drive 115ish.

But that’s normal. Everyone drives 115ish, except for the ones that go faster. Years ago, I once got my mom’s Chevette up to 135 for a few minutes, and I was still being overtaken.

Driving slowly on the freeway is not a Southern Ontario characteristic.

Usually, 5 mph over…in my car. My wife’s car (Infiniti G37) though, I easily find myself driving 15-20 mph over without realizing it, until I fly by another car in the fast lane.