How fat did Elvis get?

He looked to be in great shape 1971-72 and he died in 1977.

What is myth vs legend?

I’ll take oh - say, 250.

What do I win if I’m closest?

A friend of mine was a big Elvis fan and saw him in concert not long before his death, and she said he was very fat and exhausted. He was physically sagging between songs. As to exactly how fat, this was before being fat was the norm, so 1970’s very fat is not the very fat of today. Probably a girdle holding in 40 or so extra pounds.

He was trim, but then he switched places with an impersonator and retired. The new Elvis had less self control.

This says 260 lbs at this death. Given he was 6 feet tall and based on the fat Elvis pics out there that would sound just about right.