How geeky is YOUR hardboiled egg?

Today I made myself a 65-degree egg. Actually, to keep the water at 65°C, I had to put my gas burner on its absolute lowest setting and monkey with it constantly, so it was more of a wildly - fluctuating - between - 60 - and - 70 - degree egg. I’d still call it an successful experiment.

The texture of the whites was really nice, like custard, and the yolk was firm, moist, and vividly yellow-orange. If you have an egg, an hour, a pot of water, and a good kitchen thermometer, give it a try! I’m going to try one at 70 degrees next—I hope my stove will be less squirrely at a slightly higher setting.

Very curious. I never cease to be amazed at the odd bits of information I am exposed to by my fellow Dopers. Thanks.

Congratulations, you’ve achieved jury rigged sous vide. Next time, try the oven instead. You can get a much more even heat. Judicious applications of cold and boiling water can also nudge it back into line if it starts wandering off.

Try low temperature poaching of some other things. Chicken breasts come out moist and tender.

Here I was thinking this thread was going to be about someone writing a calculus equation or drawing computer components on their Easter eggs…