How good a Designer would you be?

This came to my mind from reading the argument coming from the believers that there is an extraordinary and specific design to the universe, and so there has to be super-designer. Often the human body has been quoted as an example. I have also been told to admire the immensely complex but marvelous design of the human body. That got me thinking a bit.
So let’s say Og is a little tired of playing with this toy and its inhabitants that he created some 6000 years ago. Can’t blame him. Anyone would be bored stiff playing 24/7with the same toy. So, Og says to himself, "It’s time I created another little toy somewhere else in the universe. Hmmm…Let’s see…Ok…I’ll make the rest of it exactly as I made my first one, except for those bipeds called humanoids. I think I could really work on them a little better. I will make them a little different, and in fact…you know what…maybe I should ask these creatures for their recommendations on what they would want different in the new set but with the least increase in cost.

When his call came in the other day, I gave him a hew suggestions.

  1. At least one eye in the back of my head.
  2. A thicker skull.
  3. Some more essential standbys like an extra heart.

What would you want different if you had an opportunity at redesigning the human body, the condition being that the relative order and strength of the species cannot be affected or altered? For example, a design that makes t human the strongest animal on the planet in all wats is not eligible.

Power of self propelled flight (soaring thermals in particular).

Smarts. More of 'em. Much, much more.

Why not? It seems to me that’s what would be required to fulfill these requirements: