How good is the Nikon Action 10x50 Binocular?

I just ordered it at amazon and wonder if any Dopers have had experience with it.

See the unit at


The Amazon ordering experience was another small nightmare, by the way, complicated by the fact that I initially opted for the Amazon Visa card to get $30 off the price.


If you want to get $30 off your first purchase, GET THE CARD APPROVED FIRST. It’s easy.

Then order, making sure your purchase is applied to your new card. Might be worth your while to call Amazon before you buy.

Well the first thing that stands out is that close focus on that model isn’t absolutely optimal for birding. More specialized ( and generally rather more expensive ) birding bins often try to get down to as little as 8 ft. or thereabouts. If you wear glasses it is also remotely possible you might want a little more eye relief.

But I have looked through a pair and I thought they were generally decent. I have an older set of 10x50 Nikons of pretty similar design and pricepoint ( I think they’re something like StayFocus II’s or something similar ) that my father gave me maybe 15 years ago and though they’re not my primary pair, they do do the job when necessary.

So they’re not an elite set - a little bulky, not water-/fog-/shockproof, not as ideal for close-in birding and low light situations, perhaps not quite as good as much more expensive models in terms of minor chromatic aberration in high contrast situations ( which all lenses have to one degree or another ). But they’re certainly not crap. Unless you are very demanding of your binoculars, I expect you’ll find that they are a perfectly fine :).

Likewise, I agree with Tamerlane. Nikon will not produce an inferior, or even an average product. The action series is a good serviceable binocular. A little bulky but they won’t fog up. Most importantly if drop or lose them, it should not be heartbreaking at the price you have paid.

Nikon does the entire range of binoculars up to high end, including image-stabilizing. They are consciously competetive with the better Europeans, Zeiss, Leica and Swarovski. The increment of quality between the Action series and the top end models is small, mostly notable in light retention and edge-of-view clarity. The quality increase certainly does not match the x10 increment of price.

Edit: for any further purchases I recommend

I have that model, about a year old now and I am quite happy with them.

Not a serious bird watcher, I am more into foxes.

That price is very good for what you get… IMO

I paid more when I got mine.

Thank you for all your inputs!!
I was not notified of your responses folks, and came back here only to report that my binocular arrived just minutes ago, and my initial reaction is one of pure delight.

What’s more, the viewing was just as sharp, just as enjoyable without my glasses! (I’ve had lens replacements in both eyes so I guess the wonderful viewing is also a tribute to my Ophthalmologist.

I’ll try them tonight in early evening to see how they perform in low light. Any tips on how to test my new binocular?


If I buy another one, I’m going there. I wish I knew about it beforehand.

Thank you,** Sevastopol**.