How good wiil the new Star Wars movie be?

If this Star Wars is good and a big hit, then there will be a new “shared universe” just like Marvel Cinematic Universe, and since Star Wars is (or can be) so damn huge, we’ll see new movies and TV shows every year indefinitely, I think.

They’re already planning the “shared universe.” The second and third films are already scheduled for 2017 and 2019. They’re talking about a Han Solo movie for 2018 and a Boba Fett movie for 2020. Whatever you might think of Disney, they are masters at exploiting their properties.

I think you’re onto something! :):wink:

I think they’ve done a good job of stoking speculation about what Luke Skywalker’s role is, by his absence from the trailers and promotions. I hope that isn’t a let down.

I just now pictured him in a swamp, saying preposition noun verb in a silly voice.

At least be thankful that this is a franchise that’s essentially immune to product placement - you’ll never see Han Solo conspicuously drinking a Dr. Pepper or talking about how great his iPad is.

And yet there has been no shortage of ads (Verizon, Subway, Target, etc.) from companies promoting their products and the movie simultaneously.

And someone managed to figure out how to get a toy to work like the BB8 robot in the movie (the one that looks like a hat on a sphere).

I’ve been predicting less than 2-3 minutes screen time at the end. I’m not sure how disappointing that is, but brace yourselves if anyone is expecting him to be in it much at all.

Here’s a wild-ass prediction; in 2018, to mark the fortieth anniversary of the notorious Star Wars Holiday Special, ABC airs a new Star Wars Holiday Special.

Well, they’re already giving us the new movie as a Life Day present, so…

My speculation:

It will be OK. People will expect greatness, but will be somewhat disappointed. Not so much that they hate the movie, but enough that they have this nagging felling that, while it wasn’t really BAD, it could have been better. They’ll enjoy the good parts, but there will always be that little voice that’s saying “it coulda been better. it coulda been a contenda.”

Sort of like Spectre.

I wonder if they’ll follow the “sins of the fathers” and Luke will turn out to be the Kylo Ren…

I liked what JJ Abrams did with Star Trek and I suspect this will be much more on point with his other work. I’m looking forward to it.

R2-D2’s head playing soccer, as Stephen Colbert put it.

At this point in the hype cycle, how could it not disappoint?

What movies have had huge hype and lived up to it? I can think of the following, at least from my own experience:

  1. Fellowship of the Ring - criticism from some now, but my theatrical experiences with this movie saw people in awe, cheering, and thinking it was amazing. The greatest hype-fulfiller I’ve ever seen. Maybe the only movie I’ve declared a classic after seeing it just once in the theater. I gave it an A++ and stand by it today.

  2. Empire Strikes Back - I was only 1 1/2 years old for this one, but if the hype was big, this certainly proved a Star Wars movie can live up to hype. It’s better written and directed than the original.

What else has actually lived up to the hype? I’m drawing a blank.

The Avengers.

And Independence Day. It’s mocked for its plot holes today, but the hype was absolutely huge and I recall crowds outside theaters, people cheering the credits, etc.

I was thinking the same thing. Now, can you imagine if Joss Whedon was helming The Force Awakens?

I am expecting something in between the Clone Wars cartoon and Return of the Jedi. Better than the prequels, nothing like Empire Strikes Back.

That said, there’s a high probability that it could be much worse. There is an upper bound to how good I expect it to be, but no lower bound.

It sucked! Ralph Finnes was horrible as Steed. Uma couldn’t hold a candle to Diana Rigg. Connery made a stupid villain. The whole plot was incredibly stupid!