How 'Green' (Environmentally Friendly) Are You At Work?

I just got done eating lunch at my desk again - and as I was dumping the remainder in my trash, I felt bad about the amount of stuff that was going out to the dumpster.

I often think of myself as a little ‘greener’ than some of my co-workers. I keep a mug for my coffee and a cup for my water on my desk rather than using the styrofoam or paper cups provided. I also bought a single set of silverware (fork/knife/spoon) that I keep in my drawer and use for anything I eat rather than the plastic cutlery.

On the other hand, I use the pre-packaged creamers (5-6 at a shot) and I tend to eat take-out/fast food probably 5 times a week (some lunches, some breakfasts) - and those containers ultimately end up in the trash (we only have paper recycling here).

Other than foodstuffs, I do try to use paperclips more than staples and try to only print when necessary. I also adopted the .75" margins and print double-sided so it’s fewer pages whenever i can. If I need to save an email attachment, I try to print it to pdf rather than printing it to store it in a file drawer.

But I’m sure there are other simple things I could do to be a little more environmentally friendly.

What about you? How green are you at work? What tips can you share?