How hard would it be to invade/defend Antarctica? (Yukikaze)

I’m not really sure what forum this thread should be in!

Basically I recently watched Yukikaze (good stuff!):

Its basic premise is that an alien invasion has taken place with a portal opening over Antarctica. Its set some time after the invasion itself which isn’t really depicted.

It got me wondering how difficult it would be for humanity to really mount a military defense of said continent, it being of the ‘far away and really bloody cold’ ilk.

Lets assume the portal has opened in the very centre of the continent, how quickly and with what material could humanity start fighting back?

In a further assumption lets take it that nuclear weapons aren’t used unless/until conventional weapons fail.

Heh, I can’t say much about the defence of Antarctica, except that given India’s defence of Siachen, which must be somewhat similar, we’d end up fighting the elements as much as the aliens. It’d be tough as all hell. But I will be checking out the anime. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :slight_smile:

It’s certainly worth watching, some of the aerial combat sequences are very well done. The plot and storyline has a certain ‘Huh, what?’ aspect that I find common to Japanese movies, but that’s probably my problem and not the movies!

Anyway its based on a book, a copy of which I have but haven’t yet read, that may clear up some of the more puzzling aspects of the story.

That depends… do we have a giant submersible battleship with a drill on the prow?

In the Super Atragon anime, that happens within the first 30 minutes or so - shortly after the “invaders” (they’re not really aliens) are deemed hostile. Their column was absolutely unfazed by two direct hits with nuclear cruise missiles.