How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

I bet it’s just a combover from his taint.

Ok, that was a visual I could do without. But brilliant. :smiley:

This, and this, and this:

So from that article…

Among Republicans, 78% believe Biden did not win the election and 54% believe that there is solid evidence to support such a view, according to the poll, even though no evidence exists and multiple courts and states and the US Congress certified a victory that Trump’s Justice Department said was untainted by significant fraud.

Statistically speaking, most Republicans are fucking delusional. This is a certified fact on the record.

Oh yeah, and stupid, too. They long for a time when America “used to” be great. Just ask them when that was!

So 24% of Republicans concede that there isn’t solid evidence that Biden didn’t win but believe so anyway? :roll_eyes:

My guess is that it breaks down this way…

78% of Republicans believe that Biden didn’t legitimately win the election, that it was only achieved through vote fraud. Of those 78%, 24% believe it was done in such a way that the conspirators covered their tracks well enough to not leave evidence, or that the evidence hasn’t been found. The other 54% believe that the evidence has indeed been found by Lindell, Powell, and so on but has either been ignored or hasn’t yet been revealed.

If you were to ask that 24% how they could believe in something that there is no evidence for, I expect you’d get a range of responses, such as stating that if so-and-so conservative mouthpiece said it was fraud that they believe them over “main stream media” since in their eyes those people have been more trustworthy, or perhaps they rationalize that “everyone they know voted for Trump” so there was no way Biden got enough votes. Obviously you wouldn’t get an answer that makes any kind of rational sense because a rational person doesn’t think that way, but there are plenty of irrational reasons to believe in something that confirms that the world works the way you think it does. (That the Left are skulking crooks stealing everyone’s freedom and only the bastions of virtue on the Right can stop them.)

It only works if those on the right admit that those on the left are a lot smarter, in order to be able to pull it off. (That last part sounds dirty.) Or, if those who hold such beliefs admit that they are as dumb as a box of birdshit. (Pretty dirty, too.)
I believe that there are a lot of really smart Republicans who don’t believe this bullshit for a minute, but still push it because they believe it serves them.

Or that those on the Left aren’t smart enough to do it on their own, but they are agents of and in league with Satan and other Dark and Powerful Mysterious Evil Forces. You know, like you see in the movies.

I realize Trump made sure there are no notes of his meetings with Putin.

But there are probably notes in Russia of those meetings.

And if only it were possible to bet cash that Putin reminded Donald each and every time to “claim fraud” and “never concede defeat” and “tell the world, over and over, that US elections are fake”-------if only it were possible to make that bet, I would soon be at the top of the Forbes list.

No bet. :wink:

Yes, a big win for me could come only if no sane person were allowed to bet (leaving only the Trump fans).