How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

This is where all the stimulus money is going.

The CFSG is outraged. This is his money. Anything not going to HIS legal defense (well he not actually paying the lawyers) is wasted.

Ha! I’d love to see some video. Not that it would change the minds of his cult, but some moderates might turn around. :stuck_out_tongue:

2 million? There are 500 that will need to see a judge.

I that’s $4000 each.

That’s not going to go very far. Especially once the grifters get there hands on it.

I have been so happy lately without seeing or hearing his babbling. But this evening the local news (a Sinclair station) showed a clip from an interview that he just gave with Full Measure.

I don’t know what the heck he has done with his hair - it was lighter and fluffier than I remember.

Now I am pissed because I can no longer look at cotton candy again…

I bet the MAGAbots look at that and wonder how fluffy and delicious his pubes are.

Let’s see… $ 2 million… minus “expenses” and “salaries” associated with raising the money of $1,900,000. That leaves $100,000. That’s $200 each. Not really worth it. Might as well give the $100,000 to one single lawyer… probably the one who helped set up the fund.

Not to stand in the way of a good rant, but according to the article it isn’t one fund that is being divided among all of the defendants, the 2 million comes from adding together the intake from a bunch of individual funds for the insurrectionists with different levels of success.

For most its diddly squat. But for some like Joshua James who netted near 200K after being featured in a Times magazine article, its real money.

These assholes would be better off putting that in a small savings account so they can buy food once they get out of prison.

Take a public defender, but I don’t think it works that way if you have any cash. Donno.

Apparently not.

From the originally linked article

Under federal court guidelines, a defendant is eligible for appointment of free counsel “if his or her net financial resources and income are insufficient to enable the offender to obtain qualified counsel.” The determination is ultimately made by a US magistrate judge during one of the defendant’s first hearings.

The influx of cash online could require a change in their legal representation, said Carissa Byrne Hessick, a criminal law professor at the University of North Carolina and director of the Prosecutors and Politics Project.

“If the US attorney’s office wanted to come in and file a motion to say that the economic circumstances of these people have changed so that they should no longer get a public defender, I think that the court would take that seriously,” Hessick said. “It’s the same as if someone has a public defender and suddenly won the lottery.”

Can’t say that I’m feeling a whole lot of sympathy.

Rudy should step up and take it on no charge. Or perhaps Sidney. They both have the same, umm… qualifications.

And for the next trial they could swap places.

Proof, as if we really needed it, that nothing is too low for this man:

Yep. Trump continues his work for Putin.

Dividing and destroying the country seems to be his mandate, and Trump is doing everything he can to achieve this goal.

No doubt about that at all. And Putin has found the perfect puppet to do so. I wonder if Melania is in on this. I always have.

Perhaps she’s not even a pawn in Putin’s game. Just a hooker with her eye on the brass ring.

Better than the brown ring.

'e’s still breathing, ain’t he?

Bush, Clinton, Obama and Biden attended 9/11 memorials today. Individual 1 is busily preparing for his boxing announcing gig tonight.
He did take time, on 9/11, to announce that he wanted to beat Biden up, because he could.

Not that anyone would have wanted him at any of the remembrances anyway. One of the things that will be astonishing over the next few years is to see the exclusion of Trump from ceremonial gatherings like this; none of the other former presidents want anything to do with him.

Just saw a poll that showed 2/3 of Republikans want Chump as leader of the party, but only 51% want him to head the ticket in '24.

I also note the bastard used his 9/11 remarks to whine about how he really won the election last year.