How has this shutdown affected you and yours?

Let me put it this way, I am all caught up on my laundry and other household chores.

I wouldn’t even know it’s happening if I didn’t read it here. I don’t even think I know a single person who works in any kind of government job.

My niece has been furloughed. She is a low level employee and is mentally handicapped, and really cannot afford to not have a paycheck coming in.

Come to think of it, my commute has been slightly better recently.

It has affected me in a way I never thought possible. It has taken my opinion of Trump even lower.

Do you eat food?

There are government services I use in my job that are currently unavailable to me, which is hurting productivity in a small way here at the office.

I’m a securities trader. The SEC is operating with a skeleton crew. As such, they aren’t able to review and approve various filings coming in from companies. When a company wants to sell stock in the public markets it first has to register the securities with a “Registration Statement” filing with the SEC. During the shutdown, the SEC is not approving or reviewing Registration Statements. As such, companies wishing to issue stock are unable to. If they stay on this track, that means no more IPOs or new stock issuance until the government is back open. This will make a lot of people very upset.

What does that have to do with what I said? I don’t know anyone who works in a government job. I haven’t noticed anything different when buying food either.

You might notice if you eat unsafe food and if you wouldn’t know it’s happening if you didn’t read it here, you might want to start paying more attention.

I wanted to go to the USDA office to see if they had any local resources for beekeeping. I’m sure they’re closed, though.
Actually, now that I think of it, it’s the county ag extension office (same building). They should be open. I might go over and check.


Same here.

I practice good food safety techniques in my own home and trust the companies that I buy food from will uphold the same safety standards, regardless of the number of federal inspectors on the job.

The most notable thing about government shutdowns is how little they affect the great majority of people, other than those whose paychecks come from the federal government. It’s in the interests of certain groups for people to believe that we need the federal government carefully monitoring everything all the time and that we’ll all die if the government reduces its activities even a little bit. Well that’s a load of bull crap. I’ve lived through many shutdowns in the past. I didn’t die from food poisoning. I’m unaware of any evidence showing that food became less safe nationwide during any previous shutdown. What really gets demonstrated is how useless much of the federal government’s activities are.

I don’t think all of the evil capitalists are suddenly plotting to fill our meat with e. coli just because there are no inspectors. They’re still subject to regulations and fines.

I’m moving to Canada in about two weeks- I’m just waiting for my work visa to be approved. I have to wonder if the shutdown is going to delay it in any way.

People would still be subject to laws even if there weren’t any police, but I betcha the crime rate would go way up.

Not affected personally as I don’t live in the US. US relations - not sure, but nobody’s said anything. The ones most likely to take a hit are, ironically, the most fervent Trump supporters.

Maybe short term. Think real hard why the food inspectors exist in the first place.

I find this post adorably naïve.

I’ve been working for three weeks now. My pay stub shows a big fat 0 on it. I’ve already paid all my bills for January so I don’t have to worry about those. I also have money to get me through February if need be.

But at work not everyone is here. There’s no one to order supplies, scheduling meetings doesn’t work, I’m not sure if my transit will go through for next month, no one really knows what to do about scheduled vacations and doctor appointments.

I can survive through March or April, though I will have to really cut down on doing anything besides going to work and the gym. But it’s going to be a royal pain in the ass in the end for no reason.

I’m going to be in Houston end of the month. So might get affected at the airport if this is still on.

But the Space Center is still open, so there’s that.

How did you reach this conclusion?