What can I do to help people directly affected by the US Government shutdown?

I’m fortunate enough to not be directly affected by the shutdown, myself. But these furloughs have got to be incredibly crappy to deal with, especially if one is living paycheck to paycheck. I’m wondering what charities, if any, exist to help furloughed employees make ends meet during the shutdown. My first thought was the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund. They claim to provide non-interest loans to furloughed employees. I’m considering making a donation.

Does anyone know of any other ways to help?

Ir’s fall. Do you need leaves raked? Gutters cleaned? Bulbs planted? Foliage cut back? Storm windows put up?

Hire someone who is out of work to do it for you.

If WIC and/or SNAP funds are gone in your area, or will be soon, the food pantries will be feeling the hurt trying to help more people than they’ve ever had to deal with. Everyone takes non-perishables; many take produce and bread and dairy, but call ahead and check their needs, because refrigerator space may be limited. They may also accept essential non-food items like toilet paper, diapers, menstrual pads, toothpaste and deodorant.

Thanks! I found the WIC and SNAP pages for Fairfax County, but I couldn’t find a way to donate to WIC. I’m going to try to locate the nearest SNAP office and see if they need any supply donations right now.

I don’t really have a yard or anything, so I can’t really hire anyone for that. Still, not a bad idea for the future, though. Thanks.