How has urbanization affected natural selection in American wildlife

The older I get the more apparent it becomes that wildlife habits and behavior is changing. Growing up and living in the same urban neighborhood my entire life has given me possibly given me a slightly unique opportunity to see changes first hand.

 An example would be where 50 years ago I hunted rabbits just outside of Lancaster Ca. They would flush almost at our feet and give us a fair shot.

I went hunting in the same spot recently and we saw rabbit sign everywhere but no rabbits. I told the guys I would stay up on a ridge and see if rabbits were moving. I was shocked to see that as soon as the guys crested the ridge the field came alive with rabbits mving 500 yards in front of the hunters. I saw very few stragglers and it all seemed to happen in just a few minutes time.

I am curious as to what others may have seen in their neighborhoods that demonstrates changes in animals natural selection process.

It’s less likely to be natural selection than learned behavioral changes.