How have your political opinions changed over the years?

The old saw goes, “If you aren’t liberal when you’re young, you lack a heart, but if you aren’t conservative when you’re old, you lack a brain.” So have you gone more conservative as you’ve gotten older, or more liberal? The poll in question assumes that the traditional L/R political spectrum is a valid way of measuring people’s political stances, something I’ve always been a bit skeptical of, but for the purposes of this poll I’ll go with it (yes there will be a bail-out option for dissenters).

Started as a liberal but moved a little more right-ward on fiscal issues. Still vote Democratic though since putting even a socially moderate Republican in the House (for instance) just strengthens the margin that empowers lunatics like Bachmann and King. It could affect my primaries voting though.

Started radical lefty. Still am. Have both brains and heart. My opinions used to be very unpopular, now, not so much. No place in your poll for me, but that’s how they have changed.

I went with “Other” because I didn’t see something that mirrored the thought that first occurred to me when seeing the poll. I started out liberal and have pretty much stayed such. However, I have had increasing difficulty understanding the conservative point of view. I used to think that, even if I disagreed, conservatives were still proposing solutions to real problems. Now, either they’ve changed or I have lost my capacity to understand them.

Started on the left and moving leftward. I used to try to study all the races all the way down the ballot and try to split the ticket to some extent. Now it’s “D to go forward” from now on for me.

I picked “Started out moderate and have become more liberal,” but what I really mean is that I started out pretty much apathetic and moved through moderate to somewhat liberal to more liberal. I seem to be getting more liberal as I get older. And like luci, I have both brains and heart.

Started very conservative and have, in the intervening 35 years or so, veered strongly to the left. The GOP allying with the Religious Wrong was the breaking point. From there on I grew more and more liberal.

Almost exactly me, except I don’t vote in the primaries and am not registered as a Dem. I do tend to vote that way, though.

Took a test on the interwebs somewhere and it said I was left of Ghandi.
I’m not really sure I have become more liberal but I have begun to hate conservatives with a passion I did not have earlier in life. It used to be live and let live, but now it’s “fuck 'em”.

I picked conservative moving more liberal, but mostly I was republican cause I had never really examined the political beliefs I was raised under. I was probably always a liberal, I just didn’t know it till recently.

Started out liberal. I don’t think it’s a case of me becoming more liberal, but my party becoming less so.

I said “moderate becoming more liberal”, but really should have been more “didn’t know shit and never thought much about it becoming raving lefty the more I learn”.

Started out kind of liberal. Am more liberal with respect to gay rights, less liberal with respect to gun control.

Other stuff kind of consistent.

I was raised somewhere to the right of Mrs Thatcher. I opened my eyes as soon as I escaped home. I didn’t rebel against my upbringing but formed my own views. My views are now best described as eclectic. Part capitalist, part socialist, part libertarian, part right-wing, part left-wing, all me.

I grew up in a conservative household. Using the death penalty on the big, scary bad guys seemed justified, illegal immigrants were leeches on society that needed to be kept out, evolution was just arbitrary belief that couldn’t explain what God could, liberal presidents ruined the economy with faulty economics, wars were worth getting into preemptively to protect against terrorism and to uphold the American dream, abortion was murder, gay people were outsiders, foreigners were just people you made fun of for being weird, Welfare was something lazy people used to siphon wealth away from hard workers, etc.

Only once I moved out and turned off the TV did I begin to learn. I soon came to realize that much of what I had been taught was oversimplified hogwash that left out a wealth of counter-considerations and facts, that when taken into account with intellectual honesty, made me realize how much of a selfish dick I’d have to be to be a conservative.

There’s a hilarious line from The Emperor’s New Groove that sums the general attitude up nicely: “Ha! You really should have thought of that before you became peasants!”

So yeah, fierce liberal, now.

My views have grown considerably saner and entirely more reasonable.

Started out Liberal (worked at the Liberal Party convention that made PET leader when I was still in high school) and have remained Liberal (with occassional lapses into New Democratism) since.

Liberal whose become less isolationist and more nationalistic.

This is me. The liberal folks have moved left (like SSM) towards me.

I started out as a moderate Republican and I still consider myself that. I feel like the whole political spectrum moved to the right while I stayed in place.