How high was Richard Lewis on The Daily Show last night?

…and on what, would you guess? He seemed rambly enough for pot, at least.

Wow, it was unwatchable. I actually quite like Lewis sometimes… at least I used to. Even when he’s on Curb lately, he’s unfunny and painful to watch. I don’t know if he’s high or not high, but the irony of him being as incoherent as he was purporting Ozzy to be was surely lost on him.

He’s awful. Why he still has work is beyond me. I agree with Ruby about Curb. His scenes are just PAINFUL to get through, and I can’t remember the last time I actually smiled, yet alone laughed at one of his scenes.

It would be nice if he disappeared from Curb (and media in general). David is usually spot on with casting (Love me some Funkhowser), but Lewis needs to be pushed out on an ice floe.

He didn’t seem particularly high last night, at least any more than he ever does. His sis schtick is that he never finishes a joke or a story because he is so easily distracted.

Or to put it another way, his schtick is being stoned.

He’s been that way for a long, long time. I recall listening to him on Tom Snyder’s three hour radio show in the early nineties and he acted then the way you are describing him here. Snyder was at an utter loss as to how to get anything coherent out of him and said after the (1 hour) segment was over that it was the worst, most difficult interview of his entire career.

Lewis supposedly cleaned up, and it was mentioned several times on an earlier season of Curb, when he was acting fairly normally. His appearance on TDS was the longest five minutes I’ve spent in awhile.

If he was high during that interview, than Richard Lewis has been high every single moment he’s ever been near a camera or an interviewer. That’s just how he is. Or at least that’s what his persona is. He rambles and whines like an old Jewish stereotype and he comes off as so depressed you kind of wonder if he’ll off himself if he ever stops talking. It’s always made me a little uncomfortable. The Ozzy story was kind of funny but you could tell even Jon Stewart was getting a little frustrated even though he obviously likes Lewis.

I didn’t watch the entire interview, but he didn’t seem stoned to me. Just boring.

I just skipped this section when I watched the show online, but I just watched it now, and it wasn’t any worse than any of his other non-comedian non-newsmaker interviews. The Ozzie joke worked, if nothing else did.

I don’t think he was stoned. I think he is just losing “it”. It being whatever it is that makes a person funny. What I found interesting is Jon Stewart, as a comedian himself, is very good at interviewing comics and could have saved him but decided to just hang him out to dry. My guess is he found it too amusing.

So I’m the only one who wondered why he started with a story about meeting Bob Dylan, and then after mentioning Dylan’s name, quickly switches to Ozzy? What about Dylan? What happened with him? Inquiring minds want to know.

I must be an idiot because I’m watching it now and laughing the entire time. This is him being himself. He’s acted like this for as many years as I’ve loved watching him.

I am a fan of his too and I even like him on Curb Your Enthusiasm but in TDS he seemed just off. Slow, and much much older.

I have seen him many times in the past. I get his disjointed, disorganized delivery. I find it amusing, to a point. That night, he looked high to me. Really, really high.

I laughed when Stewart yelled at to him finish a point.

The neurotic, depressed Jew is and has always been his “schtick”. He paces around the stage constantly running his hands through his hair, but during a comedy act, he at least gets to a punch line. But not lately.

He’s a very bad version of Robin Williams on the interview couch, though. I can’t stand Williams being interviewed because he comes off like a hyperactive child. Lewis is simply not likable any longer, and he’s not as good as Williams at the improvisational aspects of acting like an ass in an interview. I hope he just goes away.